Canon i950 & Adobe Photoshop 7 Colour Profile

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Miles, Jun 29, 2003.

  1. Miles

    Miles Guest


    I am trying to print scanned images (from an HP Scanjet 5500c) to a Canon
    i950 printer via Photoshop. I am having trouble understanding the various
    colour profiles.

    The scanner does not use a colour profile (well, it uses sRGB I think).

    Photoshop has several settings in the Print dialogue: either "Same as
    source", "Printer colour management", "BJ Colour printer profile 2000". Now
    which one of these should I use? If the printer driver is automatically
    correcting the colour (the colour adjustment is set to auto) then should I
    use "same as source" in Photoshop. Or would I be better off setting the
    printer colour adjustment to "manual" and using the Photoshop colour
    profile - and if so, which colour profile?


    Miles, Jun 29, 2003
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  2. There's a missing piece: your monitor has to be calibrated, or else have the
    right profile, or you'll never properly see what you get.

    This can really make your head hurt. The simplest thing to do is to
    calibrate everything to meet in sRGB, a standardized color space. Then you
    can use ICM (host color management) for them all. It's hard to get the
    manufacturers to speak in one language, so I don't know for sure if your
    scanner software automatically (or using a supplied profile) maps to sRGB,
    but it sounds as though it does. If you turn on ICM in the printer driver,
    then the scanner and printer will match.

    Theoretically, if you scan a picture and print it without retouching you
    should get back what you put in. The hitch is that your monitor might show
    something different, unless it has been properly calibrated. Your monitor
    manufacturer might supply a good profile.
    Jerry Schwartz, Jun 30, 2003
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  3. Miles

    Auspics Guest

    I used to have a HP scanjet 4c which in it's day was very expensive and
    considered to be as good as a flatbed got. I never ever scanned a photo and
    printed it out on any Canon or Epson printer and had it look like the
    original without in some way or another altering the colour balance.
    My suggestion is to use a photo from an image file, print it on your i950
    and then balance (calibrate) the monitor until it looks the same. Then scan
    a photo and print it. If it looks different, change the defaults of the
    scanner until you get what you want.
    Auspics, Jun 30, 2003
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