Canon IP4000 Pixma Cartridge query

Discussion in 'Canon' started by MB_, Feb 5, 2005.

  1. MB_

    MB_ Guest

    We recently got this printer and we like it. We are new to digital
    cameras/printing, so we have some elementary questions:

    Question: how will we know when one of the cartridges is empty? Will the
    printer flash and indicate which cartridge? Will it indicate on the

    Also, when replacing the cartridge, I see there are 2 black cartridges:
    BCI-3EBK and BCI-6BK. What are the differences between the two. I assume if
    one goes, we have to replace it with the same cartridge. Correct?

    Finally, any thoughts on replacement brands. Should we use the far cheaper
    compatibles or stay with the Canon brand?

    MB_, Feb 5, 2005
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  2. MB_

    SleeperMan Guest

    Eash time you print a print status window appears and there in lower left
    side you have drawn carts and full situation. When any of carts will be
    empty, exclamation mark will appear above it. There is no middle indication
    of real ink status, though. But, when warning appears, you can safely end
    your prnt job. Canon printers have no middle status, like 90% left, 80%
    left...because this system normally base on drop count and is not very
    accurate. Canon carts have a prism at the bottom of each cart and a LED
    which "sees" when ink is actually out. So, when a warning appears, there's
    no ink left in front container, but there's still some left in a sponge.
    But, if you plan to refill (which is BTW child easy), always refill before
    front container is empty to avoid air pockets.
    3Ebk is pigmented ink for text printing - pigmented ink is more durable. 6BK
    is for photo printing, it's dye type. Since color carts are dye, dye black
    will mix better with them and so reproduce better quality photos. Also dye
    black produces more pure black color. That extra photo black is main reason
    for outstanding photos - try them on Canon's Photo Paper Pro paper and see
    for yourself!
    I refilled my ex i550 for a year and half when head died. Why---noone
    knows...but,in this time i saved for brand new ip4000 and more.
    But, i suggest you stay away from very cheapest inks...i bet some guys here
    will post some good links. My advice is get one quality refill set and
    you're good. It takes less than one minute to refill cart (drill a hole,
    squeeze ink, seal a hole...voila!)
    SleeperMan, Feb 5, 2005
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