Canon; "missing colour tones??"

Discussion in 'Canon' started by RichA, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. RichA

    RichA Guest


    Thursday, 13 October 2005
    Canon Digital Photo Professional v2.0.3
    Canon has announced an update for its professional editing and RAW
    converter software Digital Photo Professional. Version 2.0.3 fixes a
    problem of missing color tones in images taken with the EOS-1D or the
    EOS-5D and also changes a setting name in Picture Styles from B&W to
    Monochrome. (10:40 GMT)
    RichA, Oct 13, 2005
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  2. RichA

    eawckyegcy Guest

    RichA once again reads the internet to us:
    So, Mr. Anderson, will you tell us when you receive your brain update?
    The current one is _most_ defective.
    eawckyegcy, Oct 13, 2005
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