Canon movie files not playable

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Terry Pinnell, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. Recently bought a Canon IXUS 60 to replace my old Sony DSC P1
    Cybershot. Very happy with it, but have hit a serious snag. Just
    downloaded photos from holiday. All JPGs OK. But there's something
    wrong with the handful of short AVI movie files.

    They won't play in most of my movie players (WMP, PowerDVD, IrfanView,
    NeroShowTime, etc). WMP for instance gives 'Unidentified error'. And I
    cannot import them into MS MovieMaker, where I'd planned to work on

    Anyone recognise this issue please? Any known problems with IXUS 60
    movies? Any suggestions on fixing?
    Terry Pinnell, Aug 11, 2006
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  2. No Canon users able to help please?

    Is there a Canon Forum? Google gave me
    but my Firefox browser won't open it.
    Terry Pinnell, Aug 12, 2006
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  3. Terry Pinnell

    Bill Funk Guest

    Do you have Quicktime installed?
    Bill Funk, Aug 12, 2006
  4. Terry Pinnell

    Neil Ellwood Guest

    I don't think that there is actually a sit.
    Neil Ellwood, Aug 12, 2006
  5. Terry Pinnell

    Paul J Gans Guest

    I can't help much but I have a Canon SD450 (I don't know which
    Ixus that is -- I do wish that they would not play games with
    different names for the same camera.) My movie feature works
    just find in WMP.

    ---- Paul J. Gans
    Paul J Gans, Aug 13, 2006
  6. Terry Pinnell

    ASAAR Guest

    I have no problem accessing that support page using Netscape
    "version - based on Firefox". Personally, I don't think
    that Canon users would be your best bet for help. I've seen your
    many help requests in a number of newsgroups (and I've replied in
    several of them), and based on those it appears that you install far
    more programs than most computer users, and some software change,
    possibly from installation or updating may have caused the
    replacement of a driver (or DLL, etc.) that is at the root of your
    computer's inability to play some of your .AVI files. My suggestion
    would be to put some of them on a CD or DVD and try to play them on
    another computer similar to yours, especially if you can find
    someone that uses it primarily with one or two apps, and hasn't
    installed very much on it. This might not do much to help solve
    your problem, but I think that it might confirm to your satisfaction
    that your assumption that there's something wrong with the .AVI
    files that won't run on your computer is incorrect, and perhaps make
    it a bit easier to track down the real source of the problem.

    As Canon cameras in general (and the S1/S2/S3 IS in particular)
    seem to be well regarded for video use, if there was some bug in the
    videos that Canon cameras produce, we probably would have heard many
    complaints by now. But over the last couple of years, yours is the
    first I've seen with this type of problem, leading me to think that
    it is due to something other than how Canon produces video files.
    My old computer had *many* apps. installed on it, and it also
    refused to play assorted .AVI files. I haven't found an .AVI file
    so far that won't play on my new computer (just over a month old).
    If you have a short .AVI file that you can't get to play, I could
    try it on my computer if you think it's worth checking. If you
    want, just put a copy on a website or in a binary newsgroup. But it
    would have to be *very* short (not too many MB, preferably 5MB or
    less) as I only have a slow dialup connection.
    ASAAR, Aug 13, 2006
  7. Thanks for all those helpful replies. Will follow-up on the specific
    suggestions asap. Meanwhile I've trimmed one of the files to
    reasonable size, 3.8 MB (using VirtualDub in Direct Stream mode) and
    uploaded it here:

    BTW, last night after further research I obtained a trial codec (in
    addition to the one I already apparently have) from Morgan Multimedia
    At first it appeared to work, for example allowing both PowerDVD and
    NeroShowTime to open the file, but today oddly that is no longer true.

    What video mode should I use to try the VirtualDub conversion idea
    please? As you see, Direct Stream mode made no difference.
    Terry Pinnell, Aug 13, 2006
  8. Terry Pinnell

    ASAAR Guest

    Test1.AVI was downloaded and it appeared to play properly using
    Windows Media Player v. and IrfanView v. 3.97. What I
    viewed was a 2 second clip of a camera panning down, slightly,
    through a window into a garden? with much greenery (trees, shrubs, a
    small trimmed hedge), few flowers and part of a brick path was
    visible. Makes me want to visit a nearby botanical garden. :)
    ASAAR, Aug 13, 2006
  9. Thanks, appreciate your taking the trouble. So, as you suspected, it
    seems to be a problem down to my system, or some conflict. (Yes, I do
    have a lot of stuff installed!)

    Ideally I'd like to find and eliminate the cause, but failing that I'd
    be happy if I could find a simple and reliable conversion method that
    would make the AVI 'good' again. The main aim with these occasional
    AVIs from my digicam is not to be able to *play* them, but to work
    with them into Movie Maker. At present, after importing Test1.AVI into
    MM, when I try to play it MM gives message "Unspecified error". I
    assume the reason is the same reason I can't get WMP or IrfanView etc
    to play it.
    Terry Pinnell, Aug 13, 2006
  10. Excellent, thanks! By default VirtualDub opens it with Video Mode set
    to Full Processing Mode, and I'd assumed I had to change that. But I
    just now left it unchanged as you recommended, and saved that as
    Test1a.AVI. Happy to find that now plays OK after import into Movie
    Maker. Also plays in WMP and Irfanview. PowerDVD too, although
    strangely that takes about 40 secs to open this tiny file!

    Still like to try to isolate cause of my problem, but delighted with
    this work-around.
    Terry Pinnell, Aug 13, 2006
  11. Terry Pinnell

    ASAAR Guest

    Unfortunately, as Scott suggests, the best solution would be to
    reformat and then reinstall Windows. I had a similar problem with
    many videos not playing (mostly AVIs) and then had a computer crash
    wipe out enough system files that prevented something close to 80%
    of the computer's apps. from running. The backup/restore program
    still worked, and after restoring the entire C: drive from a fairly
    old tape, suddenly most of the "faulty" video files were cured. It
    also fixed the Windows Character Map mini-app. which also had been a
    non-player. If you have a number of backups with at least one going
    back to a point where your AVIs played properly you might also try
    restoring your system files and registry, as reinstalling Windows
    and all/most of your apps. might be a lot more work. A fresh
    install of Windows is probably the best way to go, though.
    ASAAR, Aug 13, 2006
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