Canon PowerShot A570IS battery indicator

Discussion in 'Canon' started by TmTT, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. TmTT

    TmTT Guest


    I have this camera and I think it's quite good. There has been
    discussions about the battery indicator to show up very quickly. Well I
    have noticed it too.

    While I was browsing the internet searching an answer for this behavior
    I ended up installing an additional firmware:

    It doesn't update the firmware, it will bring up some more features to
    show up to you to choose from. I don't go into that further, take a look
    of yourself. Some of it's features is a real time battery indicator.

    That's an interesting thing. When CHDK battery indicator shows about
    65-70 % of battery life is left, the canon indicator appears to show a
    low battery! That is a BUG!

    My tests are unfinished, but it seems that you don't have to worry about
    what canon indicator says, just keep using your camera. I recommend this
    additional firmware however, so that you can see the real battery life
    and many other hidden secrets as well.

    My native language is not English, so I'm sorry if there are some
    confusions in my written English.

    Take care and good pictures :)
    TmTT, Dec 9, 2009
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  2. The message <kJPTm.49764$>
    That's a site well worth a visit if you have a P&S model of Canon. I
    downloaded the PSA720IS version about a year ago. It certainly provides
    a large range of enhancements. One particular improvement is in regard
    to the movie shooting mode which allows you to optically zoom and focus
    whilst shooting 'footage'.

    Of course, this highlights the reason why Canon chose to disable these
    functions during the actual video capture, servo motor noise. The CHDK
    firmware gives you an option to automatically mute the sound capture
    during zoom operation. On balance, this is probably the best option on
    quiet locations but best disabled in very noisy locations.
    I think the Canon firmware is being rather conservative about its
    estimate of remaining battery reserve. Whether you're relying on the
    percentage indication presented by the CHDK 'firmware' or not, the
    shutdown point remains unaltered.

    The percentage reading has a habit of going up and down like a whore's
    drawers so is not entirely reliable as a 'remaining charge' indicator.
    The camera doesn't actually shut down until it reaches 0% anyway so is
    accurate in that respect. It is, however, very useful for checking that
    the replacement battery is actually a fully charged one if there's any
    chance you might have mixed it up with a discharged battery.

    In practice, without the CHDK percentage indicator, I've found it's
    simpler to keep shooting until the camera actually shuts down and be
    ready to swap in a fresh battery when that happens. Of course, if
    you're doing an 'action shoot' then it's best to swap the battery for a
    fresh one well before this, preferably during a lull in the action.
    No apology needed. I've seen plenty of native english speakers produce
    usenet postings of far lower quality than your almost flawless missive

    I'll try and do both, thank you! ;-)
    Johnny B Good, Dec 10, 2009
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