Canon PowerShot SX50 HS questions

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Skybuck Flying, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. 1. Minimum write speed for maximum video quality settings ? (Needed to
    determine which flash card to buy).

    What is maximum write speed of the camera (chip?) ?

    2. Which bag(s) are suited for it ?

    3. Which tripod(s) are suited for it ? (I am 1m90 and need a long one which
    can also aim up into the sky, and down towards the floor, and ofcourse

    4. Optionally since I will probably be able to figure this one out myself:

    Which flash card reader is compatibility with cards mentioned in question
    (1), and what is the speed of this flash card reader ?

    (My PC's motherboard supports usb 2.0, usb 3.0 is said to be backwards
    compatible but might have newer instructions not supported by usb 2.0 ?).

    I am also looking for actual usage experiences of users of this camera, so
    for you the following questions:

    1. Did your arms starts to hurt because of the weight during long usage ?
    This could mandate a tripod for longer usage.

    2. How is the battery quality ? Do they still work ? Is the recharge time ok
    ? Did the batteries fall out when trying to open it ? How long is their
    average usage time ? How many times can they be recharged ?

    3. How does this camera perform in low light for capturing planes in the sky
    ? ;) Any success with that ?

    Additional information and questions:

    1. How long is the power cord for: Canon ACK-DC80 AC Adapter Kit ? Any
    issues with it ?

    2. Battery information according to Canon: NB-10L Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
    Battery Pack

    (I would like multiple of these for any time usage, even while others are

    3. This card reader seems interesting though it has many cables at the back:

    DeLOCK USB 2.0 Card Reader 3.5 57 in 1 + 1 x USB 2.0 Port


    1. What is it's write/read speed ? Can they cables be detached ? Any issues
    with the reliability of the device ?

    So far I am having the most difficulty with:

    1. Finding matching flash cards, finding matching bag, finding matching
    tripod, maybe even finding matching flash card reader.

    Many too choose from, especially the information and prices and speed
    about/of flash cards fluctuate wildly. (Some cheap models seem to be faulty,
    and the expensive ones I don't know if it's overkill speed wise and if those
    are true speeds).

    Buying this high quality/high zoom camera seems to be no easy task.

    Skybuck Flying, Nov 3, 2012
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  2. Also one more important detail if possible:

    The tripod should be "high action" capable.

    In other words, it must move/turn smoothly and fastly to be able to catch
    stuff in the act/tracking, but still be gently in it's adjustments/accuracy.

    Skybuck Flying, Nov 3, 2012
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  3. What the **** does this camera not have a ufo mode ?

    The ufo comes by once every 400 days at unexpected moment in life.

    I might have shot something else in the mean time, this means camera
    settings wrong.

    When the ufo comes by I have no time to change camera settings.

    The bag must open in 1 second.

    The camera must come out in 1 second.

    The camera must power on in 1 second.

    The camera must have "ufo at night" and "ufo at day light" and "ufo at
    evening" settings.

    Only thing I should have to do is regulate zoom factor, maybe even this
    should be automated.

    The ufo will be gone in 1 minute.

    Steven Spielberd, John de Mol and James Cameron probably can't do it within
    this alloted time.

    I hope I and others can ! ;)

    Would be nice if digital camera manufacturers over some more help ;)

    I am just hoping that the cannon settings can be changed fast, I fear the
    worst though.

    Perhaps going back to store and asking for a demonstration would be best to
    make up my mind ;)

    Skybuck Flying, Nov 3, 2012
  4. Possible solution:

    3 special buttons on camera, attached to 3 custom setting modes.

    User can setup custom setting modes preemptively.


    button 1 -> custom user setting 1
    button 2 -> custom user setting 2
    button 3 -> custom user setting 3

    For ufo filming this could be done as follows:

    1 setting for day time
    1 setting for evening time
    1 setting for night time.

    At least this offers some hope.

    Other possibilities could be:


    Perhaps in combination with different shutter speeds.

    Skybuck Flying, Nov 3, 2012
  5. Tripod explanantion video, good for a tripod-newb like me:

    Skybuck Flying, Nov 3, 2012
  6. Skybuck Flying

    Orac Guest

    Skybuck Flying beweerde :

    If you have the optional Sport-Package it will do 200 mph.
    Orac, Nov 3, 2012
  7. Well,

    After a few days of "researching" I finally put in my order for the

    I am not going to tell you what I ordered because I don't feel comfortable
    telling you guys ;) :)

    Because it's small and could be stolen very maybe ! Probably not, but ya
    never know ! ;)

    It was quite a hunt for the ideal tripod, this required the most time.

    So there ya go.

    That's all I am going to say about it, I wish it was different, but from my
    previous postings, you can determine some of it ! ;)

    It's also quite pricey but I won't say how much, wwwwoooowww yeah ! ;) :)

    I am looking very much forward to trying it out and giving it a try, I hope
    I will not be disappointed by the zoom... and I think I won't be...

    On the contrary probably, this is the most interesting piece of hardware I
    have come across in recent years...

    Much more interesting than say an iPhone or an iPad or an Android...

    At least for me...

    Now my UFO hunting can soooooon begin ! + Extra's ! LOL.

    If it works out well, I might make a tutorial so others can learn from it
    and know/learn what to buy if they want to become ufo hunters too.

    If my setup is successfull or exceptionally good at filming
    planes/birds/ufo's I might just and probably will make a nice youtube video
    of it... too show (off) the quality of the video ! (captures/stabilization

    Wow yeah ! ;) =D


    Skybuck =D
    Skybuck Flying, Nov 7, 2012
  8. Skybuck Flying

    DF Guest

    Op 7-11-2012 15:11, Skybuck Flying schreef:
    Laser op, gekke vent.
    DF, Nov 7, 2012
  9. Ok guys,

    My Canon Powershot SX50 HS + accessiores has arrived.

    I ordered it at

    I had to wait 1 week to get the special power adapter so the camera can work
    from the wall power socket.

    It was well worth the wait ! ;)

    I just tested the camera. I am scared as hell for being caught filming stuff

    So I just filmed all across my hallway onto the heating and also through the
    window... and I am very impressed by this device.

    I think I am going to fall in love with it ! ;) =D

    It has so much quality ozzing out of it ! I dare to touch it ! =DDDDD

    Fortunately there is also a little clip which opens which makes it possible
    to take the power cord through it so the battery hatch closes properly.

    I was scared there for a moment but fortunately Canon thought of that ! ;)
    Absolutely awesome... it does seem like an after thought but I am glad that
    little hatch is there ! ;)

    Now I am going to charge a battery and then later I am going to test the
    flash disks.

    I shall reveal what I bought in case my harddrive ever crashes, than at
    least the internet might have stored this message for the next 5 years or
    so, maybe even forever if it ends up on a forum or so ;)

    3 x Sandisk SD Extreme 128GB SDXC 45MB/s euro: 597,00
    1 x Canon Powershot SX50 HS euro: 449,00
    1 x Canon DCC-850 euro: 29,95
    3 x Canon NB-10L euro: 209,85
    1 x Canon ACK-DC80 AC-Adapter euro: 69,95
    1 x Velbon Sherpa 750R euro: 119,00

    Total equipment costs: euro: 1.474,75
    Delivery costs (special delivery): euro: 20,00

    Total costs: euro: 1.494,75

    It already feels like every penny is well spent on this beauty ! ;) =D

    I shall treat her as a princess ! ;) =D

    Also the delivery girl was kinda hot ! ;) =D

    And that's all I am going to say about it for now ! lol ;) =D

    Skybuck-Cameraman ! ;) =D
    Skybuck Flying, Nov 14, 2012
  10. Skybuck Flying

    JW Guest

    I wonder how long till the problems begin? Place your bets!
    JW, Nov 14, 2012
  11. Oh my god,

    I just came back from my sleep room, and I looked through the window.

    And the tree which I looked at via the camera, is even much further away
    than I thought !

    Like wow...

    I am going: "Oh my god" ! ;) =D

    I just can't believe the zoom factor on this thing ! It's whicked/awesome !
    ;) =D

    I had to watch the youtube video's at least a 100x times to believe it ! ;)

    And now that I have this device myself I can already confirm it !

    This thing ROCKS ! ;) =DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    Skybuck =D
    Skybuck Flying, Nov 14, 2012
  12. "JW" wrote in message
    I wonder how long till the problems begin? Place your bets!

    Fair enough, there are some minor points which I have already discovered:

    Small little review:

    1. The canon bag doesn't completely seal, there are same gaps, maybe this is
    to vent it, but still... small bits of dirty could go into it.

    2. The flash card must be inserted next to the battery, and if the camera is
    placed on a tripod, then the flash card cannot be replaced easily, the
    camera will have to be descrewed from the tripod attachment.

    However I am pleasently surprised by the small size of the video, only 4 GB
    files so far, but they last, and last and last... perhaps lossy compression
    was used. I wonder if lossless h264 can be used with this camera that would
    be cool.

    I was lucky enough to visit my mom today... so I tried the camera out there
    at night.

    Filming at night as much more difficult, so far the video mode seems best,
    it's easiest to zoom into stuff and wait it out and let the camera focus...
    this gave best results for focus at least.

    I also made some beautifull night pictures which also turned out well, but
    these were mostly of big buildings with tripod, or handheld when the camera
    recording was used and snapping pictures in between.

    I also tried playing with manual settings in the dark lol... this is a point
    of improvement:

    3. The camera could use buttons which light up in the dark, that would make
    it much easier to use at night.

    I don't know much about the manual settings yet, I''ll have to read up on
    aperture, shutter times and stuff like that... for me being dutch that's a
    bit more though. I did play with those settings which was fun... but I
    didn't know much what I was doing, fortunately the camera gives a preview of
    what to expect.

    I was most surprised about the stars on the picture. The camera is actually
    capable of filming stars, but the LCD display didn't show this... probably
    resolution a bit low.

    4. Zooming on planets was hard if there were branches of trees in front of
    it... the camera tends to zoom into what's closest in that sense because
    that light is so far away it can't possible focus on it... fair enough.

    During the day I filmed a plane and that was an awesome feeling/and sight to
    actually see a plane fly through the sky up close... looking forward to
    doing that again.

    I have't seen any naked titties yet though lol ;) :)

    EEEEEuuuhhm ;) :)

    I also filmed the cat which was fun ! ;)

    The sound is okish but probably not too great.

    5. I also keep pressing the buttons on accident when trying to pick it up,
    move it around or doing something with it... so the buttons a bit easily
    pressed... also the wheel seemed somewhat easily pressed as buttons... so
    that a bit confusing...

    The thing that annoyed me the most is:

    6. The camera goes off after 10 seconds to save battery power, but it even
    does this if it's using wall power... so apperently it can't tell the
    difference between battery power and wall power.

    The wall power cable is a trick at best ;)

    I think this setting can be tweaked...

    Filming ufo's at night will be hard, even with this thingy...

    7. The tripod I have mixed feelings about... it's nice for the price... but
    fully expanded it's a bit wobbly... keeping it smaller and it becomes more

    There is somewhat of a problem with the head though, it tends to move pretty
    easily side ways... and I don't think it can be fixed super tightly or

    I have not yet found a know to prevent side ways movement... fortunately it
    does have some friction... but I wanna tight it down...

    Maybe there is a know for it or maybe not... had I know this up front I
    might have not chosen it...

    Though I am still happy with it... for the price I payed it's pretty sweet,
    head + tripod + bag ;)

    So I immediatly got to test out the bags, sweet, it works sort of ;) I just
    care them in my hands... not yet around back or anything like that... don't
    know how to do that...

    The tripod is too big to fit in my backpack from old school days ;) All
    tripods seem to be too large. It would have to be 45 centimeters max to fit
    in my backpack... and there could even be other stuff in it... maybe that's
    unreasonble, so a seperate bag is ok... though it would be nice if it was
    maybe a backpack or something... then again I can only wear one backpack ?!
    ;) :)

    8. The battery life is pretty short... I went to my mom at about 17:15, I
    then filmed almost non stop.... until 21:00 or so... So that's about 3
    hours of usage per battery... I did do some stuff in between... However
    compared to simple batteries this is still pretty nice... good thing I
    bought 3 extra batterijes though. In total I now have 4 or so... one came
    with the camera...

    So this gives approximately 4x3 = 12 hours of filming, that should be enough
    for a full day or so ! ;)

    Fortunately my mother's laptop can read the sdhx so that was sweet, my
    mother loved it, and found it funny, she did find it a bit expensive... she
    was also amazed by the zoom.

    My mom bought an impressive HP 5531 or something printer+scanner+copieing
    machine all in one, and it was wireless...

    It looked pretty impressive, it hat icon-touch display and it was easy to
    use as hell... that kinda amuzed me...

    My mom has expensive toshiba laptop... she had some weird problem with it...
    windows didn't start so I went over there hit F8 during boot and told
    windows to start normally... that fixed it... she's been having that issue
    sometimes... a bit weird... Skype is nice on her laptop...

    It's amazing to see how she uses the computer and other people ;) :)

    In a way her hardware is a bit more high tech than mine... but probably less
    configurable or so ;) :)

    I should have taken some video of that HP printer/scanner... it was
    swwwweeettt ;) :) like a thing from the future or something... black but

    9. I sat outside in the cold at night at my mom trying to film weird stuff
    ;) :) It was cooooooold...

    I went inside to go eat and call it a day... and the camera's lens
    condensated... I got worried... I was scared that the moisture would be on
    the inside and would never go away.

    Fortunately it was probably on the outside, and after a few minutes it went
    away, thank god for that ! ;) Pfew ! ;) :)

    I did notice a weird little bulge or the opposite of it on the lens...
    probably exactly at the center... I wondered a little bit what that was...
    but it's probably the counter of the glass at that very spot... probably
    nothing to worry about, but it does make me wonder a tiny little bit why
    it's shape is slightly different in the center...

    10. I don't know why but I love the lens cap on the front. I just love how
    it looks, I love how it protects the lens ! ;) :)

    There is a little cable on it too... but I don't know yet how to attach the
    cable to the camera, it's probably in the manual or so ;) :)

    11. There is some sticky thing inside the bag for the camera... I wonder why
    it's in there... I wonder what it's for, fortunately it can be opened so it
    doesn't get into the way.

    The camera into the bag is a tight fit... it fits barely, but it fits...
    little bit more room might have been ok... so far so good.

    The bag has at least one little additional pockets for flash cards so that's
    very nice.

    So far I am happy with the bag. Though I do find the gaps in it kinda weird
    ! ;) :)

    I will definetly not put the strap on it... because I think the strap/cable
    might be a yank-ridden thing... I don't want to end up, yanking the camera
    bag into the ground but it's cable thingy/strap... so I think the strap
    sux... I think the way it attaches to the camera is a bit nice but flimsy
    too.. and wearing the camera on the front of my stomach would feel like a
    third boob LOL... and I am a male lol... so that's kinda...

    What I kinda miss is a manual explaining how to wear these bags on the body
    when the straps are used.... so that's also kinda weird... maybe it's in
    there something... or maybe somebody can explain...

    Little details like these might be overlooked... the strap also has some
    bending thing on it... I have no idea what that is far... perhaps a
    handle... or perhaps a neck brace... I don't know.

    12. The sandisks came in huge packages compared to the tiny little flash
    card... waste of packaging... the plastic had to be cut open with a
    scissor... that was kinda weird... but I guess it's to protect that disk at
    maximum. So no dust goes into it...

    I looked up bandwidth requirements for h264, the 45 MB/sec these chips
    achieve seem to be more than enough for h264... which might be 15 MB/sec max
    or so... so good to know these flash chips are overpowered/overspeed which
    is a very good thing to have ! ;)

    Playback on the laptop was butter smooth, except for windows picture
    viewer/laptop not wanting to back to the previous picture that was kinda
    strange... not sure if that's a flash disk issue/seek issue or windows just
    being a stuck-up-nasty-not-wanting-to-go-back-bitch lol ! ;) :) I just
    circumvented it by re-opening the picture viewer...

    It's also annoying how sometimes the picture viewer goes into
    auto-matic-display mode... like sliding by... don't know the word for it at
    the moment... auto play... like it flips through pictures every 10 seconds
    or whatever... I am just saying... the windows picture viewer can be a lot
    better... so that's what technology is always about... there is always
    something ;)

    13. I haven't tried out the supplied software yet...


    14. The camera did not come with a USB file transfer cable... that was very
    surprising to me... I though the manual depicted such a cable... but that's
    not true... it's misleading I guess... there is so much unknown stuff to a
    new user... I probably thought the lens cap's cable was such a cable.

    Fortunately my old camera came with a USB file transfer cable... so perhaps
    my camera can use that...

    However I will probably modify my Dream PC with a new card reader which I
    got from alternate to make it easy to read flash cards. This is perhaps also
    better if batteries are dead... then again I do have the power cable so I
    will not run out of power... However if I take the camera somewhere else...
    being able to read flash cards would be nice... but that's up to "some place
    else to have this card reader support"... I also though about external card
    readers but I didn't bother with those... now I wonder if it might have been
    a better idea...

    However the internal card reader I ordered and have now can read 57 types or
    so ?! LOL 57 ?!?! you electronic designers are fokking insane ?! ;) :) Who
    needs 57 different card types ?! HOLYMOLY... well fortunately this new card
    reader should be able to read them all ;) :)

    However if I go some place else... my only option would be the usb cable in
    case that other place doesn't have a sdhx card reader... I am a bit worried
    that connecting my camera to a system might eletroshock my camera or vice
    versa ;) So I don't feel completely comfortable with using this usb cable...
    especially because it's not a canon, but a nikon cable ;)
    So it didn't came with the canon so I am not 100% sure if it's compatible or
    electrically safe ;) but I guess it's probably safe and can't hurt to use
    that ! ;)

    So I now have to choose between laying my dream pc on it's side and risking
    damage to my drives, or risk electrocution danger for my motherboard and
    camera by using usb cable.
    Both options not so cool.
    Also taking out flash cards all the time might damage them perhaps...
    Ultimately preventing damage is probably impossible... but I will sure as
    hell try.
    For now I like the flash approach best...

    Which actually leads me to the following issue:

    15. It's intuitive to simply take out the flash card and immediatly place
    the camera on the table but: OOPS, the battery/card hatch is still open ?!
    and it's vertically... so it seems damage prone.... the hatch must be closed
    first before the camera can be placed on it's butt on the table... so that's
    kinda weird and counter-intuitive.

    So the hatch opening/position might have been better, I would probably have
    preferred it if it was on the side.

    16. I did notice some scratch-like-looking things, but this is probably just
    dust or something weird... like nail stuff... it can be whiped off... there
    was a tiny little disk particable on the lens rings... I couldn't scratch it
    off with my nails... I did my nails recently... I figured well.. the next
    time the lens opens and goes out it ll probably get pushed out...

    Though this does raise a point: if the lens goes in and out a lot will
    dust/particles get into the lens mechanics !? might this cause the lens to
    get stuck in far future ?

    Probably best to keep dirt/dust as far away as possible ;)
    So very it seemed very tight... so we'd be talking micrometers or nanometers
    or so... but still... wondering is free... so there ya go ! ;)

    17. I find it weird how the shutter button sometimes can be used to focus...
    and sometimes it just takes a picture when I didn't want to... I just wanted
    it to focus...

    So the press "light" and then press "hard" thing is kinda weird/confusing
    and not cool... so I dont understand why they do that.

    18. Pulling the zoom thing to the right or towards me would have been more
    intuitive... then pushing it the other way...

    I now more or less need to push it away from the center of my hand... this
    is counter-intuitive...

    Pulling the button towards the center of my hand should have been zoom
    out... or perhaps vice versa lol..

    I find the horizontal knob-zooming thing to be very confusing...

    A depth knob would have been more logical... push the knob away from me
    would be zoom in.... (getting closer to target, since I am moving my hand
    closer to target)

    (pull knob towards me should be zoom out) (target moves away from me, so
    zoom out)

    I would have preferred to side buttons for zoom in and zoom out... perhaps
    even a scroll wheel... that I can keep turning very smoothly...

    The zoom in and zoom out is too sudden... it disturbs the focus too much
    which is kinda annoying and causes the user to have to try and refocus...
    this sucks bad sometimes. Perhaps I need more practice with it... or perhaps
    this happens mostly in dark/low light situations or branches in way...
    though I do feel it could have been even better ;).

    19. Perhaps a manual zoom by turning around the lenses would have given a
    smoother form of operation... I saw somebody else write down this complaint
    on a forum... now I understand him... the auto-zoom via a knob/button is a
    bit strange... it's nice and lazy... but it has troubles with focussing...
    perhaps a human hand around the lens might have been more precise.

    So there is plenty of room for improvement.

    I do hope Canon continues the product line and keeps testing this camera
    with new users, and hopefully observes them to see how they use it for the
    first time... Hopefully experienced computer users or programmers which have
    never used such a camera before... and then observe each one of them for at
    least 3 hours to see how they do with it...

    And ofcourse try and implement my suggested features in prototypes and then
    re-evaluate if this offers more precision for zoom.

    I'm loving the batter charger though... it's whicked cool... literally... it
    doesn't overheat... it's design is simple and brilliant...

    Just two leds:

    One red/orange (?) led for charging.
    One green led for indicating that it's charged.

    The cool thing is... when can put a battery into it and see if the battery
    is charged... if it's charged the green led will shine... at least that's
    what I think it will do...
    So the charged can be used to see if a battery is already full or not...
    though maybe a percentage indicator might have been even better ;) but
    perhaps that would make it too expensive... so far I like it a lot... I also
    left it on when I went to my mother I came back way later, being a bit
    worried... but it seemed everthing went fine... no overheat... it was cool
    to the touch ;) battery and charger so that's a good thing.

    Charging takes about 1 hour and 30 mins... another one just charged, I love
    that green light ! ;) :)
    Such charge time is not too bad, it's probably whicked good... the old
    camera batteries took 8 hours to charge and would drain in a few minutes

    So these canon batteries seem way better ! ;) :) =D Oh yeah baby ! ;) =D

    When I was filming I was actually quite amazed how long it would go on... it
    just went on and on and on and on, and that on a single battery and a single
    128 GB chip... and only a few gigabytes were used ! ;)

    So the camera run out of battery power before it run out of storage space,
    that's a good thing ! ;) This means more film material can be shot with more
    batteries yeah ! ;)

    Ofcourse keeping the file size down is always nice, this means easy transfer
    to pc and easy storage on pc....

    I am getting eager to work on my own video codec to see if it can do
    compression better in lossless mode than h264, but probably not... and I am
    curious if it will run in real time in cuda... probably also not... later I
    might take a look at h264 and perhaps incorporate some of it's ideas into my
    own codec to see if that helps, and otherwise I might freeze it and move on
    to something else.

    I do wonder what the highest quality of this camera is... I am kinda hoping
    lossless, which would be great for testing my own lossless video codec ;)
    that would be awesome...

    For now I assume this camera cannot do lossless video compression ??? I also
    wonder how much data is being thrown away by the h264 codec.... so far the
    video seemed quite good on the laptop display. A bit grainy sometimes but
    not to bad... I wonder if the grainy is from video compression or just the
    sensor chip... perhaps a little bit of both. Or perhaps slightly low light
    conditions and thus higher iso/lens shutter issue or so... I think it's
    actually a bit of everything.

    I'll have to do a huge ammount of practicing with this camera in the manual
    in my hand to get the most of this camera... it's fun... but time-wise it's
    consuming... I want to do other stuff as well... but that's ok. I just hope
    I get to learn how to use this camera at it's fullest potential as soon as
    possible before that big UFO comes along LOL ! ;) =D

    Peace out... if I really have something interesting to share... like a
    picture or a video I might put it online... for now... I am just gonna
    chill, sit back and enjoy it... there is no rush for me at least ;) So ll
    have to do with text descriptions for now... There are not that many power
    sx50 videos on youtube yet... so it would be good to put some more online...
    but privacy issues and such play a roll... I am sure you understand... so it
    will take some time before I film something that does not violate my privacy
    or that of others ;) :)

    Oh there was an interesting experience, when I first used it... I felt like
    I was in a call of duty game or a battlefield game... as if I was a
    sniper... looking for counter snipers in any window of the enemy building
    lol ;)

    I slowly moved around the corner of my window... looking window by window to
    see if anybody else was looking at me lol... one guy on a bike leaving...
    spotted me... he pretended not to see me... he went far away... but I
    secretly filmed him from the back... and yup... he did take a peak at me
    from far away... just around the corner like a real sniper would lol... it
    was hiralious to watch his little eye take a glance at me... without him
    really knowing that I GOT HIM ! ;) =D Yes his face was on my video... it was
    difficult to get it to focus and hold steady... he got a bit lucky that the
    camera was struggling... but eventually it did focus just in time to film
    his glance a little bit... totally funny ! ;) :)

    But I respect everybody's privacy... so funny stuff like that will not go
    online lol ! ;) =D

    I will end with the last following words:

    This cam does feel like the ultimately james bond spy gadget/cam ! ;) =D

    I can feel even James Bond wishing to have this camera ! LOL ;) =D

    Let the good times/James Bond times begin ! LOL ;) =D

    Skybuck Flying, Nov 14, 2012
  13. Perhaps a better description would be:

    "Secret investigator cam"


    "CIA cam"


    "FBI cam"


    "Men-in-Black cam"

    Yup that's how I feel when I use this superzoom/telelens cam as some see it

    It feels like I am spying/observing somebody...

    As if I am secret agent... on a crucial mission to protect the country from
    suspicious activity ! ;) =D

    Hahahahahaha lol ;)

    Spybuck ;) =D
    Skybuck Flying, Nov 14, 2012
  14. Yeah and one more thing.

    The best way to describe this camera/device in music is with this song:

    "Knight Rider Theme Song"

    Yup... that's how it feels like...

    There is a new black electronic kid on the block and it's pretty damn
    awesome and advanced... like something the world has never seen before ! ;)


    It's almost as if it has it's own presence/artificial mind... helping you to
    focus and make shots/video ! ;) =D

    Just like kitt assist micheal knight in driving.... this camera assists you
    with shooting pictures and video ! ;) =DDDDDD

    Skybuck Flying, Nov 14, 2012
  15. Kitties have a wider behavioural repertoire than titties. (Anyone who
    wants to contradict this will have to show proof.)
    Adrian Tuddenham, Nov 14, 2012
  16. Skybuck Flying

    Jim Thompson Guest

    I particularly enjoyed the "descrewed" comment >:-}

    ...Jim Thompson
    | James E.Thompson, CTO | mens |
    | Analog Innovations, Inc. | et |
    | Analog/Mixed-Signal ASIC's and Discrete Systems | manus |
    | Phoenix, Arizona 85048 Skype: Contacts Only | |
    | Voice:(480)460-2350 Fax: Available upon request | Brass Rat |
    | E-mail Icon at | 1962 |

    I love to cook with wine. Sometimes I even put it in the food.
    Jim Thompson, Nov 14, 2012
  17. Concerning point 14, the usb file transfer cable that came with the nikon
    coolpix L4 cannot be used with the canon powershot sx50 hs as far as I can

    Apperently the canon requires a different cable/plug.

    So this only leaves the possibility of using a card reader !

    This is somewhat shocking...

    If I didn't order a card reader I would have had no possibility of
    transferring the files to my PC ?!

    So hopefully the card reader will work ! ;)

    Otherwise I will have to order a special cable... I will probably try and
    get that cable anyway...

    I just dont know yet what kind of cable that needs to be...

    Maybe some kind of hdmi to usb cable or something.

    I am starting to wonder if transferring files from the camera to the PC is
    possible at all via a cable ?! ;)

    Skybuck Flying, Nov 15, 2012
  18. After only 3 days in possession, the Canon Powershot SX 50 HS already filmed
    a UFO !

    (With ball/orb moving through clouds, suddenly disappearing and then
    re-appearing... I also saw it with my own eyes it was kinda weird.

    Explanations will follow shortly in the next coming days, since I modified
    my PC to include/build-in a new card reader, this almost blew up my PC or

    I had a scare that... scared that my PC was damaged... when I connected the
    USB cable, it short circuited my motherboard, or at least it seemed like

    I also removed lots of dust with a pincet, and then I blew the hell out of
    my PC and blowing out dust.

    It's now good to go for a while... I am still worried that there might have
    been damage...

    So far the good news is... the PC still seems to be working... so I am

    However I am afraid to connect anything else... except the harddisks and
    music/sound system.

    So far now I am typing these messages offline.

    I need to keep my PC working so I can read the manual of this camera.

    Once I am done reading the manual so I can do manual focus... I shall return

    And post some amazing/cool videos of the UFO/ORB and planes to compare.

    I'm looking forward to analyzing all of these videos/pictures on my
    widescreen monitor.

    So far I haven't seen anything yet on my own monitor and that kinda sux...

    Hopefully that issue will be resolved soon, as I connect the card reader to
    my motherboard.

    Hopefully it don't blow up or do weird again ! ;)

    There was also a third sata connector to an old harddisk when my PC blew up
    sort of...

    Maybe that has something to do with it...

    When I saw blow up... I mean weird sound coming from speakers and system

    Goodbye for now
    Sky-virtual-pilot-ufo-hunter-and-plane-witness ! ;) =D

    P.S.: It was also amazing to see planes fly around without chemocal trails,
    apperently they can do that, but the most amazing part was... I didnt see
    them with the naked eye... only the camera saw them thx to zoom... so ya
    never know what's out there ;)
    Skybuck Flying, Nov 17, 2012
  19. UFO 1 filmed by Skybuck, 3 video files:

    It looks like a Light Orb/Ball:

    Video 1, front of appartment/balcony, (if you watch closesly, it seems to

    Video 2, back window, sleeping room (this is really weird, the UFO seems to
    disappear ? Out of focus maybe ? light off maybe ? warp jump ? who knows):

    Video 3, back window again, I decided to film it one more time.... also...
    later I film a plane for comparison, unfortunately the plane wasn't focused

    I had the Canon PowerShot SX 50 HS for 3 days, so I am still learning to use
    it properly ! ;) =D

    Hopefully better videos next time ! ;) =FD

    I am studying the camera manual ! ;) =D

    Skybuck Flying, Nov 18, 2012
  20. One possible explanation for the PC freezing is the following:

    1. The floppy drive was removed.

    2. The card reader/usb device was added.

    3. The cd/dvd-rom got confused and is in master or slave mode ?

    I left the cd/dvd-rom disconnected, and attached the usb device, so far the
    PC is working good/normally.

    Later on I will investigate if the cd/dvd-rom/burner still has a
    master/slave mode or if that is a thing of the past.

    I think it might be still on there ;)

    So that could explain the freeze... and the repeated malfunction until it
    was disconnected.

    Skybuck Flying, Nov 18, 2012
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