Canon Rebel Ti (300V, Kiss 5) focus point question

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Jason, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. Jason

    Jason Guest

    I just bought a Canon Rebel Ti. Its names in other areas are 300V and
    Kiss 5. It has 7 auto focus points. I notice that they achieve focus
    differently if the camera is in different orientation when focus point
    is selected manually. I don't know if this is a defect or it is by
    design because of its orientation sensor.

    There are 5 AF points (including the center one) along the long side
    of the viewfinder and 3 on the short side (including the center one).

    When taking a horizontal photo, manually select one of the 2 focus
    points alone the short side, the ones above and below the horizontal
    centerline of the viewfinder, sometimes they have difficulty to focus
    or even can't focus while the middle one can always focus. Similarly,
    when taking a vertical photo, the 4 AF points alone the long side
    (except the center one) often have difficulty to focus. In any case,
    the center AF point always works fine. Because the camera has an
    orientation sensor, I don't know if this is the right behavior. I
    don't know what the orientation sensor suppose to do.

    Rebel 2000 and Elan 7 also have 7 AF points. I don't know if anyone
    notices this problem or this is not a problem at all.

    Over all, I am not very satisfied with the quality of the camera. The
    back cover of my first one doesn't close tightly. It moves when I put
    my left thumb on it. So, I went back to the shop and exchanged it.
    Now there is scattered red light beside led in the bottom focus point
    while the others focus points are just a red dot. Although this is
    not a big problem but it means the quality control on the camera is
    rather poor. Maybe because it is make in Taiwan.
    Jason, Oct 29, 2003
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  2. Jason

    Rob Wild Guest

    Having bought one of these in Jan, and using it as my main SLR, I have
    not noticed any of the focal point problems that you describe. When I
    manually select a focus point to use, the camera focusses using just
    that one point. If any of the other focus points light up, it just
    means that the camera recognises that bit as being in focus as well. I
    have not noticed any problems in either orientation.

    Also, whilst the camera body is a bit plasticky (expected for the price
    I guess), I have not had any build quality problems such as a misfitting
    back or anything else. Also, I have not noticed any flaring in either
    the viewfinder, or in prints / negs that I have taken with this camera.

    Perhaps you bought a counterfiet?? I do notice that on the one that I
    bought (Australia - the 300V) that the lens was made in Japan and not
    Taiwan. I notice that on the B&H website they do point out that there
    are sometimes differences between the USA version of certain cameras and
    cameras imported into the US. See:

    Perhaps this may be the issue?


    Rob Wild, Oct 29, 2003
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  3. Jason

    Vin Guest

    I am not familar with your model camera, but I think
    its the same in most systems.

    I beleive that only the center AF sensor will act the same
    in different orientation because it would be the only one
    with AF Sensor in both direction (Like a cross in the

    The sensors off to the left and right will have vertical
    AF detectors that only senses constrasts in the horizontal
    direction. And the opposite for the top and bottom sensors.
    (I may have gotten this backwards, I dont have my camera
    here to check).

    You may find the directions of your AF sensors in your
    manual somewhere. It should be specified there.

    So, by changing the orientation, you are changing the
    way the sensors work.

    I hope this helps.

    Vin, Nov 20, 2003
  4. In the manual it explains how the focus points work. When you select a
    single point that point will be used no matter what the orientation of the
    I've never had a problem with the off-center focus points. Keep in mind that
    you can't expect to use one of the side points and allways have the center
    in focus, the emphasis will be on "that point" being in focus. When I must
    do something like that I just use the center point to focus them simply
    recompose holding that focus. You really have to be carefull with the
    points. I thought I had a problem until I figured out that the camera was
    doing exactly what I was telling it to do. I just wasn't telling it the
    right thing.
    Morris Coleman, Jan 1, 2004
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