Canon S1 IS or Panasonic FZ3?

Discussion in 'Panasonic Lumix' started by js, Dec 13, 2004.

  1. js

    js Guest

    I've narrowed my choice down to these 2. I wanted a long, stabilized lens. I
    know they are both only 3 megapixels. They are both the same price.
    Any opinions on which to get?
    js, Dec 13, 2004
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  2. Cameras which are ZLRs - SLR-like - have their own newsgroup:

    which you might like to visit.

    When choosing between those cameras we went for the Panasonic FZ20 with
    its excellent f/2.8 Leica lens and 5MP resolution. If only 3MP had been
    acceptable, likely we would have chosen the Canon becuase it uses CF cards
    and AA batteries.

    David J Taylor, Dec 14, 2004
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  3. js

    phoneguy Guest

    I'm looking seriously at the Cannon S1 because of its image stabilizer
    function. Don't know if I'm making more of this feature than I should. No
    other cameras in this bracket seem to have that feature. I tried it out at
    the camera counter and it definitely makes a difference. I don't think I'm
    as steady as I used to be, either :).

    I like the idea of AA batteries. More available, etc. Just hope I don't have
    to constantly keep charging the spare set and always carry extras.

    Finally, the long zoom seems nice to me, a photo amateur. The things I've
    read seem to indicate that a photo taken zoomed in will require less
    cropping and enlarging, thus the 3.2 mp will give good results, because
    others would loose some quality after enlarging the cropped area to
    compensate for less zoom.

    phoneguy, Dec 14, 2004
  4. If you need the long zoom, and are slightly shaky, the stabiliser will
    help. In fact, it helps in many shots. For example, my wife recently
    went to a St Lucia event (Swedish), and did a hand-held candle-lit 1/4s
    shot with her FZ20.....
    I would /always/ carry a spare set. Having to change one battery rather
    than a set of four cells is a lot more convenient in the field. Otherwise
    you can end up with eight cells rolling all over the floor!
    Difficult trade off - you're comparing 3.2MP with a long zoom and, say,
    5MP with a normal zoom? The 5MP only gives you a 1.25X gain in
    "resolution", so only an extra 1.25X in cropping. So a 3.2MP with the
    "380mm" of the Canon S1 could be matched by a 5MP camera with a "304mm"

    I would rather ask: "What are your photographic needs?". Do you need the
    long zoom or not? Do you want to take lower-light pictures of static

    David J Taylor, Dec 14, 2004
  5. js

    phoneguy Guest

    My photographic needs are really simple. I just want a simple camera to take
    on vacation, get shots of the kids, indoor/outdoor, etc. I thought the long
    zoom would be nice for those times, especially on vacation, where you just
    can't get close to the subject and need a little more zoom.

    If I go with a 4 or 5 mp, then the resolution will be comparable to "zoomed
    in" 3.2mp?

    phoneguy, Dec 15, 2004

  6. The 5MP will give you a linear gain of 1.25X over the 3.2MP for the same
    quality, meaning that (taking the FZ3) its maximum zoom is 420mm (in 35mm
    euqivalent terms), so you would need 420/1.25 i.e. a 336mm zoom on a 5MP
    camera to get the same number of pixels on the subject (i.e. "same
    quality"). I don't know if any 5MP cameras offer this (with image

    I would suggest you compare the size and handling of both the S1 IS and
    the FZ3 in a shop and see which prefer, Even see which instruction manual
    you prefer. Tha Canon may be the "simpler" camera, and it does have the
    swivel LCD finder, which migh er. swing it for me!

    David J Taylor, Dec 15, 2004
  7. js

    Bryan Lee Guest

    The FZ15 is a 4 mp and the FZ20 is a 5 mp and the both have image stablizer.
    I found the FZ3 for $289, the FZ15 for $369, and the FZ20 for $419 at . The FZ15 and FZ20 have f2.8 thur the whole 12x optical
    zoom. I friend has the FZ20 and it's great, it easy to use and take great
    pictures. All the FZ can take about 4 picture a sec. I look at the cannon
    (which are going for $399 at most place) and the FZ3. After using the FZ20,
    The FZ3 and the cannon seemed like toy. I ordered the FZ15. It have
    everything the FZ20 less the hotshoe, mic, and 1 megapixel. I think I will
    be happy with my choice. Hope this helps
    Bryan Lee, Mar 15, 2005
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