Canon S2 IS versus Panasonic DMC FZ7

Discussion in 'Panasonic Lumix' started by Karen Selwyn, Feb 9, 2006.

  1. Karen Selwyn

    ASAAR Guest

    But that hasn't stopped you from spreading misinformation in this
    newsgroup. If you've turned a new leaf it will be appreciated, but
    whether you have or not remains to be seen. Some of the charts I've
    seen have no apparent source for the data behind the plot. Lacking
    that, they should display a "My Opinion" legend. Maybe you could
    make it wiki-like, to facilitate corrections?

    And apparently in as much dispute as is the case with batteries.
    And how would it counter some of the more ridiculous claims, such as
    "these cards are too small to find if they're dropped in the grass".
    Maybe by saying that CF cards are much more of a problem if they're
    dropped on a sandy beach? My take on it is that the card type is
    one of the least important considerations to base purchase decisions
    on, and for *many* reasons. If you enumerated them all, the card
    site (CF, SD, MMC, xD, MS and more) might be much larger than you
    assume. To be definitive it would also have to discuss file
    systems, card read and write speeds, longevity myths and at least
    mention proprietary features or incompatibilities.
    ASAAR, Feb 13, 2006
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