Canon S230 or A70 Or Nikon 3100??

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by seal, Sep 20, 2003.

  1. seal

    seal Guest

    I am going to finally get a digital camera. I like the small size of
    the S230 as I want to carry it in a belt pack. It looks like I could
    get a pack for the other two models as well. So, I would like opinions
    on the cameras. It would be used for outdoor travel photos, indoor and
    outdoor family photos and maybe some close ups. The A70 and 3100 both
    use AA batteries. Is this really a benefit if you carry extra
    batteries that the S230 would need? Thanks in advance for the input.
    seal, Sep 20, 2003
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  2. seal

    Zol. Guest

    Battery life on the A70 using Alkaline batteries isn`t brilliant - but if
    you get NimH rechargeable batteries (2000mAh +) then you will get about
    220-250 shots with the LCD on and maybe a lot more without - the A70 flash
    is very good indoors and the night scene works well (as long as you have a
    very steady camera - a tripod required) and it has fast & slow shutter
    speeds and enough control to keep you happy. you can check out both the
    canons at the BeBit page which has their estimated battery lives(in
    esitmated shots) as well @ ...
    regards ... Zol.
    Zol., Sep 20, 2003
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  3. seal

    Zol. Guest

    Both the A70 & S230 have the same size sensor according to the BeBit site - - S230 Info - A70 Info
    regards ... Zol.
    Zol., Sep 21, 2003
  4. I haven't seen the Coolpix 3100 mentioned at all except in the subject line.
    Just as well. I am a "Nikonian" for real, just the same I'd go for the Canon
    A70 over the Nikon Coolpix 3100. It has more manual-override options than
    the Coolpix does. My dream digital is a Nikon Coolpix 5700, and I like the
    5400 (5000 also) quite a bit. But in the sub $500 category, I'd take the
    Canon A70 over any Nikon Coolpix.

    If you can afford it, try an Olympus C-4000. It's like $400 or so, which is
    like $100 more than the Canon A70. But it's a 4 megapixel and is really of
    another class in my opinion; I'd put it in the same neighborhood as the
    G3-type cameras.
    Larry R Harrison Jr, Sep 22, 2003
  5. seal

    J Guest

    I'll recommend the S230, I have it and love it. It's a great camera,
    portraits, landscapes and even night time photos are amassing. It's also
    very portable.
    I got a LCD protector for mine and what ever event I go to, I'll have my
    S230 in my pocket.
    some cons about it: A little yellow cast on some portraits....and some
    landscapes need a little unsharp masking but it's nothing to cry foul about.
    pros: It's very small, feels sturdy, metallic body is perfect, battery life
    lasted me a full day of pictures (about 80-100 pics with lots of reviewing,
    deleting), night time pictures are amassing (long shutter up to 15s), movie
    mode is very good as well, AF assist light is helpful at parties or get
    together @ night (very helpful), did I mention you can take it with you

    If you're stuck, get the S230. (and I've been told and sell batteries
    for a very low price, I don't know if their any good though so don't hold me
    on it.)
    J, Sep 22, 2003
  6. seal

    fotolover Guest

    I own a D100 but wanted a small camera for carrying around all the
    time. I bought a Coolpix 3100 and love it. However, I also gave an
    Canon A70 to my youngest daughter. Both are excellent 3MP cameras. I
    did a test with 2 good NiMH batteries in my 3100. I quit at 350 shots,
    of which 135 were flash shots. My arm and finger got tired and the CF
    card filled up.

    The 3100 is physically smaller and that entered into my decision. The
    manual functions on the A70 seemed attractive but you could only go to
    f/8 which seemed a waste of time to me. The 3100 has a Scene function
    which is real cool - landscapes, flowers, sports, fireworks, museums,
    party, etc. I really like that. I get my D100 back on Monday from
    Nikon Service. It's going to be interesting how much I use the 3100
    (called Mini Me!) versus the D100.

    My daughter really likes her A70 and my wife loves her Canon S40. I
    think you can't go wrong with either the 3100 or A70.

    I'm testing a program called Focus Magic which seems to do a terrific
    job in upsizing JPEGs. I haven't finished the test yet, but it is
    looking real good. However, I have yet to print anything larger than
    10x7.5. It looked great there by the way. I upsized a flower type shot
    from 3MP to 12MP. On my screen it looks great but a large print will
    tell the tale.

    fotolover, Sep 28, 2003
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