Canon S3 Expansion lenses

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Philippe, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. Philippe

    Philippe Guest

    Hi All

    I'm wondering if anyone's used the Wide angle for the Canon S3IS yet;
    it's running $280 or so at the local shop so I'd like to get some useage
    reports on it before I shell out.

    Philippe, Oct 2, 2006
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  2. Philippe

    sally Guest

    Are you talking about US dollars? That price is double what my camera shop
    is charging. I bought a Raynox wide angle lens (0.66x) instead for about $100.
    It works very well for me; very sharp with low distortion.
    sally, Oct 2, 2006
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  3. Philippe

    Philippe Guest

    Nah.. Canadian.. That, and I'm in Edmonton where if you don't spend
    *real* money on something, it's not worth it..

    I've been digging around, and I can get the converter ($50 local) for
    about $20/$30 online.. and the lenses for around $150..

    I'm just not sure investing in lenses for the S3 is smart since I will,
    in all likelyhood, move to a DSLR in the next 12/18 months.. And buying
    a lens kit for my S3 would pretty much make sure I never upgraded again
    (or if I did, it was with a new wife.. :p)

    I was just wondering if getting the wide-angle might be worthwhile
    (don't really need/want telephoto, but wide-angle would save me some
    stitching.. ;) )

    Philippe, Oct 2, 2006
  4. Philippe

    sally Guest

    I think stitching is a real hassle, especially when you're dealing with
    moving subjects.

    There is a dramatic difference between the a 35mm equivalent wide angle lens
    and the 24mm equivalent you get with a wide angle adapter. You need to
    decide what "worthwhile" means to you.
    sally, Oct 3, 2006
  5. sally wrote:
    Autostitch can reduce a lot of the hassle:
    A set of stitched 35mm lens images will have exactly the same dramatic
    effect as a 24mm lens, if taken from the same viewpoint.

    David J Taylor, Oct 3, 2006
  6. David J Taylor wrote:
    I should have added the proviso: "if the same projection (i.e.
    rectilinear) is used".

    David J Taylor, Oct 3, 2006
  7. Philippe

    Alan Guest

    Wouldn't bother....I am very disappointed with the camera, 3 months down the
    line thinking of off loading and getting something else.
    Alan, Oct 3, 2006
  8. Philippe

    sally Guest

    Can you be more specific about your problems with the camera?
    sally, Oct 3, 2006
  9. Philippe

    snapper Guest

    What is wrong with it? I am thinking of upgrading to the S3.
    snapper, Oct 3, 2006
  10. Philippe

    Alan Guest

    Hi Sally,

    somewhere else on the forum I have pointed out the amount of what I can only
    asume is "noise" with a big percentage of my photographs, but overall it's a
    general disappointment with most of the pics.Prior to buying this I had a 4
    mega pixel Panasonic DMC-LC70 which I was reasonably happy with but felt
    that I wanted to move up a little and have some more options. One of my
    criteria was a biggish zoom and after handling the camera at a shop I felt
    this was the one. I had previously looked at the Panasonic FZ30 but it
    seemed a little too big for my liking - I primarily take pics when I am out
    walking the hills - (and don't anyone start on that subject again, I had
    enough flack the last time, some people do wildlife, others nudes, me it's
    mountains n stuff) Three months down the line though can't say I have taken
    a photograph I thought was "special" - before anyone else says it I am not
    an expert and have not got a clue what a picture with a Canon 1D MkII looks

    Just my opinion.

    Alan, Oct 3, 2006
  11. Philippe

    Peter D Guest

    Ok I upgraded to an S3 from a Olympus C-750 which I have been using for the
    last 2 years.

    I am very dissappointed with the S3. I am not sure what I was expecting but
    I thought there would be a huge difference over the Olympus.

    How wrong was I!

    I have gone back to using the Olympus in a lot of cases. The S3 photos in
    most modes and settings are very grainy in comparison.

    As I said I am not sure what I expected but I feel that I have wasted my money
    upgrading to the S3. What do I do now? Cannot sell it because very few
    people want them when they can get better value by buying the older S2.
    Cannot afford to throw it away on Ecrap so it sits in the box :(
    Peter D, Oct 4, 2006
  12. Philippe

    Philippe Guest

    Though I'm just starting out with the S3, I've noticed that noise is an
    issue at ISO settings above 200 or so.. as in noticeably noisy at
    anywhere near 100%.. If I make sure to kick ISO down it's happy. I've
    had some fairly comfortable results and (so far) I'm satisfied with the
    camera (having moved up from a G2).

    My chief complaint would be the lack of RAW support, but I'll take the
    S3 over the new G7 pretty much any day, since the S3 came in with no
    surprises while the G6 was essentially stripped of any real
    functionality to get the G7.. (not that I'm bitter or anything).

    I'm likely going to see how quickly I can grow past my P/S, but for now
    this is fine for me.
    Philippe, Oct 4, 2006
  13. Philippe

    Peter D Guest

    Thank you for your comments prozac but I have been using digital SLR for quite
    some time now (EOS 10D). With the point and click I rarely use auto mode but
    we all get slack at times.... as for your other comments see below and....
    who said I wasn't sure what I wanted???? expected v wanted hmmmmm eyes need
    testing maybe
    most modes? is not just auto - ho hum
    I would totally agree and therefore go and buy some viagra to take a good hard
    look at yourself!!!!!
    Peter D, Oct 4, 2006
  14. Ooohh. Now that's one I haven't seen before! :)

    Neil Harrington, Oct 5, 2006
  15. Philippe

    Peter D Guest

    Thank you for your comments and my last comment is why would I buy a point and
    click and expect it to perform like a SLR when I already have one. I am
    simply very dissappointed with it.

    By for now.
    Peter D, Oct 7, 2006
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