canon s45 a80 Kodak dx6440 comparison

Discussion in 'Kodak' started by phillean, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. phillean

    phillean Guest

    Has anyone tried the Kodak dx6440 and at least one of these two Canons, S45
    or the A80

    I like many features on my Kodak, portraits are very good, but landscapes
    lack detail, maybe too much to hope for at 4 mp, I have a few days left to
    exchange for another camera

    phillean, Dec 12, 2003
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  2. phillean

    Ron Baird Guest

    Hi Phillean,

    You should get some great landscapes as well. Did you change the
    Focus/Autofocus option from multizone to center zone? There are other
    settings to consider, i.e. high speed, and low light auto focus options.
    But try some landscapes using the adjustments and see if you get better
    results. I am also assuming you set the camera to the Landscape position
    when experimenting.

    Another test might be placing the camera as set, but setting the timer and
    letting the camera take the picture as opposed to it being hand held. You
    can rule out camera movement that way.

    Talk to you soon.

    Ron Baird
    Eastman Kodak Company
    Ron Baird, Dec 16, 2003
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  3. phillean

    phillean Guest


    Thanks for the tips

    I will try them and post in a week or two after I have had a chance to try
    out some more landscapes.

    One of the issues seems to be the range of light and color, for portraits
    there isn't as much range and there areno the large areas of very bright
    sky. The light intensity here in Canberra, Australia is more like that of
    the US south west than a big city.


    phillean, Dec 18, 2003
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