Canon S90 - RAW + JPEG bug?

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Peter, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Peter

    Peter Guest


    I have one of these, and it has a mode where, according to the manual,
    it can record concurrent raw and jpeg images.

    Except it doesn't quite work.

    Jpeg only mode works fine. You get .JPG files.

    The Raw+Jpeg mode however records files like this:

    IMG_0060 (1).CR2

    IMG_0061 (2).CR2

    Totally bizzare. And both are the same size, so it is not a case of
    the 2nd CR2 actually being a Jpeg. It should (obviously) be creating



    but instead of doing a JPG it creates the weird second CR" file with
    an incrementing number in brackets.

    The manual says nothing about this...

    Actually it is an excellent camera - way better than anything of that
    size/style I have ever used. But the raw format *is* visibly slightly
    better than the jpeg - compared with e.g. my Pentax K200D on which one
    is very hard pushed to see any difference even on a 100% pixel-level
    magnification - so it would be nice if one could capture both at the
    same time...

    I've done a google but did not see anything about this.
    Peter, Jan 13, 2010
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  2. Peter

    Rob Morley Guest

    The reason RAW looks better than JPEG is the same reason it's a better
    starting point for post-processing - none of the original data have
    been thrown away by lossy compression.
    Rob Morley, Jan 16, 2010
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  3. Peter

    Peter Guest

    The product manual has one page on it which says just the obvious.

    The RAW mode *does* work in all camera modes. It's just that you don't
    get RAW+JPEG - ever.

    The only camera mode in which the RAW+JPEG mode works, according to
    Canon, is the P mode. But I have just tested it and this is bollox.
    Even in the P mode you get two CR2 files.

    What actually happens is that the camera creates two *identical*
    filenames for each shot. So you get e.g.


    How is this possible in a supposedly windoze-compatible file system?
    Well, anything is possible if you are hacking directly to the SD card.
    When such files are copied to a PC however, this would be illegal, and
    windoze renames them as

    IMG_0044 (1).CR2


    Canon Tech Support is giving me bullsh*t.
    Peter, Jan 18, 2010
  4. Peter

    Peter Guest

    Eventually the d*ckheads at Canon passed it to a higher level support
    who came up with this

    "Please be advised our cameras are detected as PTP imaging devices not
    as mass storage devices. As per previous emails the issue is a
    limitation of Windows XP not understanding RAW files; further
    information is available on Microsoft's website."

    which is true. The USB connection of the S90 camera is usable only for
    Jpegs only, or RAWs only. If the camera is set to Raw+Jpeg, it is no

    They should put this in their manual!!

    It works OK if you read the SD card in a card reader - the slight
    challenge may be finding a card reader which reads 8GB or 16GB SHDC
    cards (which is why one uses a USB connection to start with).
    Peter, Jan 21, 2010
  5. Peter

    Rob Morley Guest

    Rob Morley, Jan 21, 2010
  6. Peter

    Peter Guest

    They are not hard to find today. But they were very rare 6-12 months
    ago - every single one I have cannot read the SDHC cards (under
    winXP). Curiously I have a fairly new Sandisk one which writes 8GB CF
    but cannot read any > 2GB SD.

    I am not sure whether the issue is worse under win2k which I run on
    one machine at work.

    Anyway it is a silly bug/design decision for Canon because most people
    will use USB to transfer pics, not remove the SD card which is a lot
    more fiddly.

    There ia also another problem with the USB connection anyway: a
    straight drag/drop works (XP) but there is a long delay (~30-40 secs)
    before anything starts to happen. Why they didn't implement the USB
    port as a straight block storage device I have no idea.
    Peter, Jan 21, 2010
  7. Peter

    Rob Morley Guest

    "This product was listed on Thursday 19 July, 2007"
    Depending on the implemented version of the SD 1.X standard there can be
    compatibility problems reading newer cards due to a change in the
    cluster size used. SD 2.0 readers should be backwardly compatible with
    all SD cards.
    Rob Morley, Jan 22, 2010
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