Canon ScanGear and colour management

Discussion in 'Canon' started by rick cameron, Nov 20, 2004.

  1. rick cameron

    rick cameron Guest

    I have a Canon 5200F scanner and a Canon i560 printer.

    In the driver for the scanner - ScanGear - under Preferences, there's a page
    for Colour Settings. The main choices are:

    - Recommended
    - Canon ColorGear
    - None

    Under Canon ColorGear, you can choose what appear to be colour profiles for
    the scanner and the printer.

    I'm wondering whether I would get the best colour fidelity if I explicitly
    choose a profile for the scanner and the printer - especially because
    they're both from the same manufacturer.

    The manual is useless, and so is Canon online support. I asked them about
    this, and their reply amounted to, 'we don't know enough to answer your

    Is anyone familiar with ScanGear and/or ColorGear?


    - rick
    rick cameron, Nov 20, 2004
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