Canon SD450 generic battery?

Discussion in 'Canon' started by GS, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. GS

    GS Guest


    Can anyone tell me if the Canon SD450 works with generic 4L batteries? I
    plugged the battery into my factory canon charger to charge the battery. I
    noticed that once I plug it in, the amber charging light comes one, then
    after a few seconds the green light (full charge) light comes on. Then all
    lights go out. Is this normal? I have no problems charging my original
    battery. When I plug it in amber light goes on till the battery is finished
    charging then switches to green. There is always a light on. Please let me
    know if this is normal. I've heard some cameras have a chip so generic
    batteries don't work. Thanks.
    GS, Nov 3, 2005
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