Canon sensor cleaning

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Bryan, May 27, 2009.

  1. Bryan

    DMac Guest

    I know that. I was writing rhetorically. Somehow I don't think you've
    grasped the nature of public messages yet. Apart from the idle few who
    post here, there are hundreds of lurkers who just read the crap we
    write... They're the smart ones.

    When you post a message you really only want one person to read, sorry
    to tell you but hundreds of people will read it. You're better off
    trying to start up an email conversation. Good luck with that too, BTW.

    Moreover, the several hundred "forums" that leach their content from
    Usenet, will also have hundreds or in the case of a couple of them,
    thousands of lurkers likely to read your messages.

    My use of the word "business" relates to my business and at what point
    lugging gear all over the place gets to be too much of a burden and I
    get the rocking chair.

    Anyway, I thought Brian started this thread and Peter posed the question
    about weight. If I piggy-backed on your reply to add additional
    information for Peter, it was intended for people other than a savage
    duck. You are free however; To read my messages or not, as the case may be!
    DMac, May 29, 2009
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  2. Bryan

    DMac Guest

    Nor any current Nikon DSLR for that matter. They will all go into sleep
    mode and awaken at the touch of a button. There is however a little
    quirk some model Nikon AF cameras share with Canon DSLRs.

    The inability to focus the first shot properly if they go into sleep
    mode in relatively dim lighting after having taken a shot in that light
    and are woken up in bright light.

    It's no big deal for me because I usually bracket but it was the first
    shot of the bracket that alerted me to the phenomena. Later discussions
    with Canon shooters surfaced the trivia that they too have that issue.

    I suppose I should have alerted the contract shooter I hired whilst I
    was in hospital. He found the focus thing also worked in reverse.
    Shooting on the steps of a Cathedral in strong afternoon sun, he walked
    inside and only took a single shot of the bride and her father. It was
    out of focus! Knowledge is everything it seems.
    DMac, May 29, 2009
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  3. Bryan

    Peter Guest

    Yup! Photo gear, like the rest of life is a compromise. My D300 with the
    70-200 is just about at the limit of the weight I can handle comfortably,
    for a reasonable period of time. (3-4 hours) I opt for the sacrifice of
    shooting speed. Yes, I do carry two extra batteries and depending on my trip
    at least two other lenses.
    Peter, May 29, 2009
  4. Bryan

    Peter Guest

    Thank you, I just checked and there is no penalty in my D300. I never
    realized that.
    Peter, May 29, 2009
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