Canon sure Shot A95 Dropped on Hard surface

Discussion in 'Canon' started by mstrspy, Dec 26, 2006.

  1. mstrspy

    mstrspy Guest

    My daughter's Canon A95 was dropped on a hard surface. The only damage
    that I see is the clip that holds the strap has broken off and the top
    piece that houses the zoom switch and shutter release is lifted. I
    tried pressing it back and looks like it should snap on but it won't.
    It looks like I can pry the entire piece off and look at what is
    hanging it up. If I do this, will I end up with a bunch of loose parts
    that will be dificult to reassemble? Anyone here have experience with
    this camera? By the way, it still works , but I think that the
    seperation of the case may become a problem.
    mstrspy, Dec 26, 2006
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