Canon TX1 replacement

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Oppylock, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Oppylock

    Oppylock Guest

    Any news about the new model?
    Canon TX2 perhaps?
    What's the product lifecycle for Canon?

    Planning on buying a TX1 before May, but I'd like to not buy an instantly
    obsolete camera ...
    Oppylock, Jan 15, 2008
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  2. did you ever buy a computer ??
    Instantly obsolete the minute you plonked down your hard earned, the
    question you need to be asking is "Will the Camera do what I want it to do?"
    Atheist Chaplain, Jan 15, 2008
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  3. Oppylock

    Oppylock Guest

    Oh ... I thought it was a reasonable question in the circumstance. The TX1
    has been out for about a year now. If Canon have a consistent(ish) release
    cycle of 12 months then I'd likely wait.
    Yeah ... too often. How crazy has that market been of late? When speccing
    up a high end machine you've almost got to rethink the strategy on a daily
    basis! I recently bought an all purpose rig that has to cope with some CPU
    & graphics intensive tasks and the price for parts was dropping by several
    $$$ per day whilst I was waiting for the last part to become available.
    That's a given in the PC marketplace though. Very frequent release cycles,
    lots of individual components, etc
    A camera is a single fixed entity though. Nothing has changed on this model
    since it's release. That's the difference. Not obsolete until there's a
    better product on offer.
    Well that's always the tough one isn't it ;) I've got to replace a P&S
    (IXUS 500) as it's dying and I'm about to need a reliable P&S for work. The
    500 WILL fail when I'm out in the bloody jungle... I've also got to replace
    a very old camcorder ... embarrassingly old ... rusty in fact. Does the job
    though. No real special requirements on either device. Basic, raw imagery
    is all that's required.

    The TX1 looks like it'll fill both bills nicely. The video aspect of it
    will be loads better than the old camcorder. The P&S will also be better.
    7MP vs 5MP, same size body (almost to the mm), slightly larger screen.
    Definately an upgrade all 'round. I know I'd be better off with a better
    P&S or possibly basic DSLR and a dedicated camcorder. The substantial cost
    savings available by choosing the TX1 'compromise' may just pay off though.
    Moreso if there's a 'version 2' available soon that addresses some
    shortcomings (and adds some too no doubt).

    Oppylock, Jan 16, 2008
  4. perfectly reasonable, I believe that its a 2 year cycle for Canon but I'm
    prepeared to be corrected :)
    part of the reason I got out of that game a couple of years ago, plus the
    stress factor of working for myself in an already overcrowded market.
    I'm not farmiliar with the TX1 but I have found that, in general, most
    *multi purpose* devices dont do either job outstandingly, but for plain raw
    imagery I suppose your not looking for the output of something like a 40D

    If it were me, I would probably go for it and stock up on a few SD cards and
    a spare battery as well :)

    Waiting for the next big thing has its down side as well, I have a friend
    who is looking to upgrade to a flat panel TV, he has been waiting for the
    last 4 years because every time he finds something that he likes a new
    technology is announced or a *better* model is released, so far he has
    annoyed millions of electrons researching on the net but is still watching
    his old CRT 68cm 4:3 TV.
    Atheist Chaplain, Jan 16, 2008
  5. Oppylock

    Mr.T Guest

    The upside is that he has saved a shedload of money though :)
    And if he bought one 4 years ago, it would probably be just about ready to
    fail anyway :-(

    Mr.T, Jan 16, 2008
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