Canon VIXIA HF S100 Flash Memory High Definition Camcorder

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Just D, Jun 11, 2009.

  1. Just D

    Just D Guest


    Any positive feedback after using Canon VIXIA HF S100 Flash Memory High
    Definition Camcorder or how it is called in Europe? Its price is getting
    down, it's around $900 now, I just made one company drop $200 from the price
    because of the competitors. But I'm still not sure if it makes sense to buy
    it. On one hand - it's the very best in this class, it's HD, it's using SDHC
    and a 32GB card gives almost 3 hours of HD video. On the other hands it's
    not perfect, the matrix is small, artefacts should be visible, the color
    contours are significant, there is no a viewfinder, only a panel, although
    it's bright, it's not that convenient, especially after using GL2 for
    several years. The most significant PROs for me are HD, using SDHC with the
    random access to read/write so that I can delete some fragment and get this
    space back immediately, it also should be very convenient and fast if I need
    to copy the content to the computer and edit it. I will not need to wait for
    the same amount of time that was used for recroding, everything depends on
    the SDHC speed, nothing else. So, people, what is your opinion, maybe
    experience of using this camcorder?

    Just D.
    Just D, Jun 11, 2009
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  2. Just D

    Just D Guest

    It depends on the source of the info. There are consumer reviews as well.
    Here is one of the examples at This web site is very
    efficient, people write about their own experience, I do too, and negative
    if required as well. But it doesn't mean that I absolutely trust this
    source, it just gives me some food, the direction to make my own tests. If I
    read about some serious troubles with this or that I never step on the same
    rakes. But there were some situations when the customer was not simply able
    to correctly understand and test the device and published a serious
    complaint. The devices were better that it was published and I could verify
    and confirm that.
    I know, but sometimes the laws are so different, that we could expect
    absolutely different approaches to the same issues.
    You never make typos, right? Take a closer look at your own text below and
    smile. :) Did you type all words right?
    I think you didn't read another thread or focused on something else. I just
    wanted to finally trade this camcorder in and replace it with something
    else. I'm really tired working with the tapes, it's not only slow and
    inconvenient, but I already had problems with the camcorder when it
    destroyed one important record and I had to send it to Canon to fix it. It
    suddenly stopped working with the tapes chewing them. Sounds like Ooops! Or
    maybe F.. in your style. Also the SDHC card is more convenient because you
    can simply delete something randomly and use this space right away. You
    can't do that wi the tapes. The problem is that I already got many tapes I'd
    like to keep the access to. That's why I posted another thread asking for a
    possible device. I know if exists it can be very simple and cheap,
    especially comparing to semi-pro camcorders that are pricey. That was the
    idea. If we're talking about digital record, then the quality of the record
    should not be affected when we use a heavy GL2 vs. something cheap to copy
    it from the DV tape to the computer.
    Yes, but the results are very different because different software uses
    different algorithms and even different implementations of same algorithms
    can bring you absolutely different results. Even different settings in just
    one codec can make you happy or unhappy if you really have access to them. I
    don't think you're very surprised here. And btw, if you compare a more
    compressed higher resolution photo or video frame it visually brings you
    more details that the file of the same size with less compression and lower
    resolution. Try that out.
    I know how to divide by 1024*1024*1024 or by 1000*1000*1000 :) It reminds me
    one joke:
    - How much is 2 times 2?
    - Are we selling or buying?

    Well, I usually overburn disks getting greater capacity. :) But taking that
    more seriously, the CD/DVD standards require an additional info like TOC,
    lead out, etc., so the real size of what you record is a little smaller that
    you want. If you want to place a video menu it already eats a serious amount
    of space, etc. I don't want to stop at these obvious things. But you can say
    it's not related to 4.5 vs. 4.7 for sure. Well, you can buy a 1 TB drive,
    realistically it's smaller because of the 1024 vs. 1000 trick and you should
    know that. Some applications calculate sizes more realistically. For example
    if you know what Acronis is you can try to split files by 4.7GB as you wrote
    before. You'll never be able to record these files to the DVD because they
    are bigger than the capacity of the disk. I just restarted this app
    especially for you. You will be surprised, but it shows the DVD size as 4.34
    GB and this number is real. If you burn this file and look at the working
    side of the DVD the whole surface is occupied by the file. But realistically
    the file size made by this app is 4,660,039,516 bytes. If you want to make a
    better impression and sell this size then it can be easily rounded to 4.66GB
    or even to 4.7GB (ignoring 1024). You can't disagree that 4.7GB sounds much
    better than 4.66GB - such a strange number! But even 4.66 is incorrect. But
    like you wrote before - don't be naive and make your math! :)

    So I never trust the label on the disks showing me 4.7 GB. It's just a part
    of the game that we all play and most of us know the real situation.

    And please be more tolerant if you already understood what somebody wrote
    about, life is short, but we get that only when we're getting older.

    Good luck!

    Just D.
    Just D, Jun 12, 2009
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