Canon Z115 E Code

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Paul, May 5, 2004.

  1. Paul

    Paul Guest

    My Canon Z115 has been a great camera until now. Most of the time the
    display shows a flashing letter E. Sometimes it will go away by moving
    the selector dial to other positions. Other times removing the
    batteries and reinstalling them resolves it. Other times, like now, I
    can't get rid of it thus the camera is inoperative.

    There's been a few discussions on this but nobody had a solution. Did
    anyone have this problem with the Z115 and fix it?

    Paul, May 5, 2004
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  2. Paul

    Matt Clara Guest

    Keep your point and shoot crap outta here Paul!

    This fucking group is for seasoned photographers with serious ass fucking
    equipment. You slow-zoom dog shit plastic paperweight does not any any bandwidth
    here, and neither do you. You fucking cocksucker.

    And don't **** with me. I'm a Detroit wigger bad boy. I hang with Slim Shady and a
    bunch of black niggaz.
    Matt Clara, May 6, 2004
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  3. Paul

    Matt Clara Guest

    Just to be clear, Paul, that wasn't I who posted the obscenities to you,
    just the mentally retarded middle-aged hermaphrodite who frequents the group
    and assumes the regular's names/handles.

    Unfortunately, I don't know much about Canon cameras, and so cannot answer
    your question.
    Matt Clara, May 6, 2004
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