Canopus Announces EDIUS NX For HDV

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Gary Bettan, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. Gary Bettan

    Gary Bettan Guest

    Canopus Announces EDIUS NX For HDV
    Realtime native HDV editing solution provides mixed HD/SD editing

    (December 01,2004) Canopus Corporation, a recognized leader in
    realtime video editing technology, today announced EDIUS NX for HDV.
    EDIUS NX for HDV redefines video production capability and
    affordability with a groundbreaking, tightly integrated software and
    hardware solution for realtime HD and SD editing, effects and
    compositing. With its seamless realtime workflow, EDIUS NX for HDV
    lets videographers mix HD and SD video footage in realtime and work
    with unlimited video, audio and effects layers, while providing
    realtime high-quality, full-resolution HD video output to an HD
    monitor for preview.

    "Just as we set the standard for realtime output in the early days of
    the DV editing revolution, we're at it again in the HD world with our
    HD codec technologies," said Hiro Yamada, founder and chairman of the
    board of Canopus . "With our tightly integrated software and hardware
    solutions for HDV, we can provide the realtime editing and output
    functionality that is sorely lacking in software-only solutions."

    Powered by EDIUS Pro 3 nonlinear editing software, EDIUS NX for HDV
    provides native editing and realtime processing of HDV, DV,
    uncompressed SD, MPEG-2, MPEG-1 formats. EDIUS Pro 3 is designed for
    maximum performance with realtime, multi-track, mixed format HD/SD
    editing, compositing, chroma keying, titling and timeline output
    capabilities, and supports realtime output of multiple video tracks,
    effects, and graphics and title layers. EDIUS Pro 3 also supports
    direct-to- DVD timeline export.

    For the complete press release

    For more information, visit the Videoguys EdiusNX page

    Gary 800 323-2325
    We are the Digital Video Editing & DVD Production Experts!
    For all the latest NLE,DVD & HDV news check out the Videoguys Blog
    Gary Bettan, Dec 1, 2004
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  2. Gary Bettan

    vic Guest

    Approach Canopus carefully they have a proven track record of dishonest and
    deceptive advertising. No matter what you may have heard Canopus products
    will NOT work with Adobe's Premiere Pro. Before investing in this company's
    product offerings visit the Canopus forums to see for yourself.
    vic, Dec 2, 2004
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  3. Sorry pal, but Canopus does not have a track record of dishonest or
    deceptive advertising. With any hardware based editing card having the
    proper mainboard is key to the proper usage of the hardware. The Canopus
    plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro works flawlessly when the user makes sure all
    the components in the system are compatible. I have each and every Canopus
    editing board fromt the original DVRaptor to the EdiusSP for HDV and can
    attest that Canopus products are more stable than anything Pinnacle has
    produced, and until the Matrox RT.X100 anything Matrox has produced.

    Do you really think that just because those people on the Canopus forums
    complain, that they actually understand what it is they have, let alone know
    how to use the product as it is supposed to be used? Look at all the people
    on this newsgroup with all their misconceptions of how NLE works. For you to
    issue a blanket statement concerning Canopus and their product claims and
    practices is just plain ignorant. If you have ALL the Canopus products on
    tested mainboards with tested chipsets THEN you may make a blanket statement
    which is based on PROVEN fact. Otherwise, just crawl up under the rock you
    slithered out from and keep your simple minded opinions to yourself.

    If you don't have anything other than complaints from non-descript users on
    a forum then you have nothing more than the wanton opinions like, who is the
    best canditate for dictator, president, or emporer. It's just your stinking
    opinion which is governed by what you preceive as popular opinion. In other
    words, you can't make a decision based on fact, but only one based on what
    you perceive the other's may think is right. But, there is no scientific
    basis for your opinion, is there? If there is, present some fact beyond the
    hearsay evidence of "there are disgruntled users on the Canopus forums".

    Hell, I can produce plenty of those from this newsgroup alone!!! So, in that
    realm of thinking then NLE sucks and no one should ever try it because the
    cheapest product won't produce a "Matrix Like" film effect, and effects in
    Adobe Premiere Pro won't work because the plug-in if for Canopus effects and
    not those native to Adobe Premiere Pro. Get the picture? They are crossing
    lines that are not a part of the plug-in. It's not that Canopus is deceiving
    customers, it's that customers don't know the difference between where Adobe
    Premiere Pro begins and the Canopus plug-in ends.

    Gee, if only they took the stinking time to just read the manual. But, I
    guess that is "way-to-much" effort on the users part. Sorry, but that's the
    way it is and I can't help it. Some are dedicated to learning about the
    stuff they have, and others just expect to push a button like the thing is a
    blender. If my statements aren't applauded by the masses so be it. I tell
    the truth because I know the truth. But, I like to read those stuffy old
    manuals. They make me smarter!!
    Larry Johnson
    Digital Video Solutions
    877-227-6281 Toll Free Sales Assistance
    386-672-1941 customer Service
    386-672-1907 Technical Support
    386-676-1515 Fax
    Digital Video Solutions, Dec 2, 2004
  4. Gary Bettan

    vic Guest

    Looks like Larry has a few Storms he's trying to get rid of.
    I hope you get stuck with'em

    Before you lay down your cash visit the forums and check it out for
    vic, Dec 2, 2004
  5. Sorry Vic. My belief in Canopus has nothing to do with selling their
    products. I use Canopus products in my own editing. As an online reseller we
    don't keep stock whatsoever, all is drop shipped. My business doesn't depend
    on sales of single editing cards, though we do offer them. My opinions are
    based on truth and experience, not motivated by "have to sell" tactics. Your
    problem is you can't honestly base your statements on fact, only assumptions
    of fact, so you need to find a way to make me look bad.

    In your arguement no one should lay down any money whatsoever for any
    product whatsoever. It doesn't matter what company or what product, there is
    a long line of people out there having problems with it, and a long line of
    people who are not. Some are using the absolute same product on the absolute
    same computer system - one guy is having a hell of a time using the card and
    the other guy is loving it like a ski trip in the Alps. My bet is the guy
    having problems is the one who "assumes" the card is capable of something,
    can't make it perform his assumption, and then complains in open forum the
    thing is a piece of crap that doesn't work. Most don't know what their
    hardware is actually supposed to do from the beginning, assume things work
    the way their fantasy told them, and never take the time to actually find
    out how it really works.

    Case and point, and I will then leave this subject alone. One of my
    customers got angry because he bought a nice expensive turnkey system with
    the Matrox RT.X100 card in it. His first complaint was that it did not
    animate the graphics properly. It turned out that he was not having problems
    with 2D effects and transitions. He actually thought the system would take a
    single still image with many elements in the graphic and animate each one
    individually - like a single picture of 10 bunnies would somehow just begin
    to hop around like a Warner Bros. cartoon. When he called to complain he was
    pretty hot under the collar, too!

    Then there came the other complaint about having to "always render" the
    effects on the RT.X100, which is sort of strange since the card will to
    somewhere up to 16 layers of effects in realtime. Turned out he had some 25
    or 26 different video tracks with things floating in all directions and page
    curling between this and that. 25 or 26 layer mind you, and complaining the
    thing did not work. But he did not say there were that many layers in his
    original complaints, that fact had to be prodded out of him. Once that was
    out he said, "I didn't think that had anything to do with it so I didn't
    mention it." How many others aren't mentioning the key point that would help
    clear up their problem both here, and on the Canopus forum?

    My guess is plenty.
    Digital Video Solutions, Dec 2, 2004
  6. Gary Bettan

    nappy-iou Guest

    VIC. Canopus has a rep of the most stable , functional software and hardware
    I've used.
    nappy-iou, Dec 2, 2004
  7. Gary Bettan

    Gary Bettan Guest

    While it is true that Canopus took a long time to get stable drivers
    for the DV Storm and Premeire Pro, they have resolved the problem for
    most users. And i agree with everyone who had to wait, that the wait
    was far too long. But that is one of the problems you run into when
    the software is made by company A and the hardware by company B.

    There was a very real engineering issue with the way Premiere Pro vs
    the Storm handled certain functions. It was a very difficult fix and
    while they have it working now, some features that are real-time with
    competitive cards like the RTX100 are still not available as real-time
    features with Storm.

    Canopus has their own NLE app called Edius. While it is not as mature
    or robust as Premeire, it has the distinct advantage of having the
    software and hardware engineered from the ground up to work together.
    And Edius is a very feature rich app, and pretty easy to get the hag
    of - especially if you already know Premeire Pro. The feature set of
    the new Edius NX for HDV is nothing short of remarkable for the price.

    Anyone planning on migrating over to HDV over the next year should
    give this product consideration.

    Gary 800 323-2325
    We are the Digital Video Editing & DVD Production Experts!
    For all the latest NLE,DVD & HDV news check out the Videoguys Blog
    Gary Bettan, Dec 2, 2004
  8. Gary Bettan

    vic Guest

    The advertisment said
    "Unprecedented integration with Adobe from Canopus"

    The Truth taken TODAY from the Premiere1.5 plug-in READ ME file... available
    only after purchasing and registering.

    a.. Video capture
    When you are opening the capture window and doing a tape seek, please do
    not stop the operation or move the focus from the capture window. The seek
    status may become unstable and cause the deck control to fail. If this
    occurs, please close the capture window and open it again to resume capture.
    b.. Black frames in captured clips
    Captured clips may sometimes contain an extra black frame at the end.
    c.. Frame forward/back command
    The frame forward/back command may move 2-3 frames when switching from
    frame forward to frame back or vice versa.
    d.. Capture and export to tape
    If you open the capture window right after doing an "Export to tape" you
    may not see video in the capture window. You may have to scrub video in the
    timeline to restore video overlay in the capture window.
    e.. Leaving the capture window in slow play mode
    In certain decks, leaving the capture window in slow play mode over time
    may cause the capture window to go into play mode.
    f.. Audio data drop
    You might encounter audio drops when you are using the shuttle or jog to
    move quickly back and forth in the source monitor.
    g.. Capture only video
    When capturing a video only file using the Canopus plugin, it will create
    a video with an empty audio waveform.
    h.. Export to tape overlay
    Preview failure in "Export to Tape" may require you to scrub or playback
    video from the timeline. You should then see video playback correctly in
    "Export to Tape."
    i.. Offline clips in source window
    When multiple offline clips are in the source window, and then batch
    captured, the playback in the source window may stutter a little, and also
    there may be no NTSC output. If this occurs, please close out the clips and
    then reopen them in the source window. If the capture fails, please reattemp
    t the capture. Also, please make sure to keep the capture dialog open during
    batch capturing.
    j.. Project window display
    When a clip is scrubbed or played in the Project window previewer, the
    first frame of the previously selected clip in the Project window is
    displayed for two or more seconds.
    k.. Overlay preview
    When seeing preview on the PC monitor while scrubbing or playback, the
    preview may show darker, or shift a pixel. This is because the screen is
    switching from Graphic draw mode to Overlay draw mode, and is a Windows
    limitation. Please use an external monitor when confirming color and other
    settings that may require precise control.
    l.. Dithering in overlay preview
    When seeing preview on the PC monitor while scrubbing, the preview may
    show dither (artifacts) when going across 2 frames that highly contrast.
    this is because the spec for overlay displaying, and is a spec. Please use
    an external monitor to confirm the proper output image.
    m.. Project preview thumbnail
    In the project window, the preview thumbnail may show incorrectly scaled
    if you scrub or play.
    n.. 16:9 and 4:3 clips
    16:9 clips in 4:3 projects, or vice versa, can not be played back in
    o.. Highest/draft/Automatic quality
    Highest/Draft/Automatic quality is not supported. All overlay and output
    is at highest quality at all times.
    p.. Playback mode setting
    When switching the playback mode from "All rendering" to "All realtime",
    the rendering markers will not be updated until you playback the timeline.
    q.. Segment with Premiere video effect and speed
    If you encounter reduced playback performance after applying effects you
    may want to render previews on the affected area.
    r.. Sequence with speed adjustments
    Nested sequences may not show correctly when a speed change is applied to
    the nested sequence. Please render the sequence clips for correct output.
    s.. Importing clips to the Source monitor
    When you are importing multiple clips to the source monitor, it may take
    some time to load all the clips.
    t.. Scrubbing clips on the timeline
    Scrubbing a clip in the timeline with Motion filter selected in the effect
    control window may result in the timeline cursor jumping in the reverse
    direction while scrubbing.
    u.. Editing a clip
    When Editing a clip with color that goes over the safe area with
    rendering, that part will be clipped. This is caused by color space
    v.. Canopus transitions and clips with alpha
    When applying Canopus transition on a clip with alpha, the alpha will be
    ignored. As a result, a hue of the part will be changed. Also because of
    this issue, Canopus transitions can not be used on tracks 2 or above.
    w.. Transition trim
    Trimming the out point of a transition after placing it in a sequence
    causes incorrect cutlist update.
    x.. Transition preview
    Canopus transitions previews are slightly letterboxed in the effect
    control window. In the timeline, the transitions will show correctly.
    y.. 3DRT Transitions
    Overscan handling (scaling) is enabled at default. For certain images,
    this may generate overscan artifacting in the Program window and external
    monitor output.
    z.. Edge color setting in 3DRT/3DPinP Transitions
    The edge color setting in 3DRT and 3DPinP currently has several issues.
    aa.. Deleting 3DRT/3DPinP Transitions
    When deleting a configured 3DRT/3DPinP transition and pasting the same
    transition again, please open the setup dialog and click OK.
    ab.. Picture in Picture filter
    If [fix aspect] is checked in the Picture in picture setting dialog, you
    can not enter the width or height field manually.
    ac.. Large still images in Picture in Picture filter
    When you import a still image larger then the project size, and then apply
    the picture in picture filter, the image seen on the monitor during the
    filter setting, and the image seen when scrubbing on the timeline will look
    different. Please check "Scale clips to project dimensions when adding to
    sequence" in Project | Project Settings to ON, if you would like to see the
    correct preview during settings.
    ad.. Scale footage option
    When you change the "Scale clips to project dimensions when adding to
    sequence" setting, the monitor's program window may show in black. If this
    happens, you can scrub on the monitor's source window to regain the overlay.
    ae.. Transparency settings
    When setting Canopus Chromakey/Canopus Luminancekey/Canopus Picture In
    Picture as a filter, the preview window and video output will show gray as a
    background. The background will show when you get out of the setting dialog
    and return to the timeline.
    af.. Safe margins
    Safe margins are not displayed during playback, or when using the shuttle
    ag.. Bars & Tone audio
    There are no audio output of Bars & Tone audio from the source window.
    ah.. Field option and frame hold
    Premiere Pro's "field option" and "frame hold" features are not supported
    in this driver release.
    If you need to change the field options you will need to export the clip
    with the desired "keyframe and rendering" options, and use that clip
    If you need to hold on a frame you can export the frame as a still image
    to be used as your frame hold.
    ai.. Insert/Assemble function
    Premiere Pro Plug-in does not support Insert/Assemble function for RS422
    Sony® protocol control.
    aj.. Export tape
    The rendering before "Tape out" can not be canceled. Please DO NOT cancel
    the rendering (Please wait for the rendering to finish). OR please render
    the timeline before "Tape out".
    ak.. Project Manager
    Canopus AVI clips do not support the Project Manager feature.
    al.. Clip metadata
    Canopus AVI clips do not support the clip metadata feature.
    am.. Voiceover function
    While using the voiceover function, the audio comes out from the sound
    card, not the Canopus hardware(DVStorm,DVRex-RT/RT Pro, and
    an.. Premiere Pro and After Effects
    When Premiere Pro is opened, the video output from After Effects will not
    work. Please close Premiere Pro when you wish to output.
    ao.. Edit Original
    Edit original is not supported when using Canopus DV files.
    ap.. Picture in Picture and Chromakey
    If you set a [slide top] effect to the picture in picture, and apply
    chromakey to the same picture, please render the image first for proper
    aq.. Size and Aspect ratio that can be played in realtime
    The combination of size and aspect ratio that can be playbacked in
    realtime is as below. If rendering is required, the timeline will be marked
    in red.

    On top of this long list of handicaps are problems with dropping audio,
    Xplode for Storm has been left out entirety and some are still unable to
    export more that a few minutes of video.

    There are more issues you can find them by searching Canopus forums but
    hurry they own the site and have been known to delete unfavorable posts.

    By the way... Adobe does not list Canopus Cards as supported, so as far as
    certified... Who knows?
    vic, Dec 3, 2004
  9. The advertisment said
    Wow, kinda clunky sounding.

    Craig H.
    HighPeaksVideo, Dec 3, 2004
  10. Though the integration between the DVStorm2 and Premiere Pro 1.5 is still on
    the "clunky" side does not give proof that - to quote Vic, "they (Canopus)
    have a proven track record of dishonest and
    deceptive advertising. No matter what you may have heard Canopus products
    will NOT work with Adobe's Premiere Pro" Although the DVStorm2 is the last
    in a long line of realtime DV editing products Canopus has produced it has
    been a rock solid product in the integration with previous Premiere
    versions. Just because there are troubles with the Pro 1.5 version does not
    negate the integrity of Canopus as a company that supports their products
    well beyond what other companies do.

    Before you trash Canopus just listen to what they have done in comparison to
    Matrox or Pinnacle when it comes to product support. I personally have the
    Canopus DVRexRT, the absolute first realtime hardware editing options ever
    offered on the market at the consumer/prosumer level. I believe the DVRexRT
    hit the market in 2000, way before the Matrox RT200 or Pinnacle DV500. Today
    12/3/2004 this card is still supported by Canopus with drivers and software
    which plugs into Ulead MediaStudio 6, 6.5, & 7, Adobe Premiere 6.5, Pro 1.0
    & Pro 1.5, Edius 20 & 2.5. Their software packages Photo Album, Xpode
    Professional, ProCoder & Imaginate plug-in respectively in all cases and in
    the manner to which they are supposed to work. I have all the above on this
    machine that I am currently using to write this post.

    The Canopus DVRexRT is still working on the latest mainboards. Particulary
    the Asus P4C800 Deluxe which is the mainboard of choice for running other
    cards like the DVStorm or the Matrox RT.X100. Several of my turnkey
    customers owning the DVRexRT have upgraded to this mainboard and love it.
    Now, in all this where are the other cards offered in the past by Matrox or
    Pinnacle in their respective support chains? Does the RT2000 have drivers
    beyond usage on Windows XP with Adobe Premiere 6.5? NO! Does the RT2500 have
    support beyond using Windows XP with Adobe Premiere 6.5? NO! Did Pinnacle
    extend support for the DV500 beyond Windows XP and Premiere 6.5? NO, AGAIN!

    Outside of recent changes to how the Matrox RT.X100 works none of these
    other cards mentioned could operate outside the confines of Adobe Premiere.
    Why? Because it is safe, and even at that there were rantings and ravings
    about the performance of the DV500, RT2000 & RT2500 when it came to working
    within Premiere. Funny, at that point people mostly blamed Adobe saying
    Premiere was totally unstable. My point is that Canopus goes well beyond the
    other companies when it comes to caring about their customers and their
    products in offering support for longer than the competition. Sure, the
    DVStorm may be on it's way off the shelf in favor of newer HDV products, but
    whatever is wrong with integration in Premiere Pro 1.5 will be fixed and
    will be very stable. And I'll bet that Canopus will find a way to keep it
    alive long after we can't purchase it anymore.

    Next, if you don't like the way the Storm works with Premiere Pro 1.5 go to
    Edius 2.5. I like it better out of all the many choices I have, and as you
    can see I have them all.
    Larry Johnson
    Digital Video Solutions
    877-227-6281 Toll Free Sales Assistance
    386-672-1941 customer Service
    386-672-1907 Technical Support
    386-676-1515 Fax
    Digital Video Solutions, Dec 3, 2004
  11. Gary Bettan

    vic Guest

    So Larry, your defense is Canopus is bad but Matrox and Pinnacle are really

    The first time since the first Premiere Pro plug-in release 18 months ago
    Canopus even acknowledged a problem with their so called "Unprecedented
    integration with Adobe" was back in June. Nothing since, NO indication of on
    going support or repair. That is NOT my idea of good customer
    it yours?

    However TODAY they continue claims to work with and support Adobe products.
    That's unmistakably dishonest.

    You can continue to attack me personally but that won't change how Canopus
    has chosen to handle their customer support in this matter.
    vic, Dec 3, 2004
  12. Vic, if I didn't know better (and I don't) I would say you're a disgruntled
    former Canopus employee working for another company - like Sony maybe.
    Digital Video Solutions, Dec 3, 2004
  13. Gary Bettan

    vic Guest

    And Larry If I didn't know better (and I don't) I'd say your Republican...
    by your trying to divert attention from the real issues?
    vic, Dec 3, 2004
  14. One product does not deem a company dishonest. The Canopus track record
    speaks for itself. It's not Bad and Worse. It's best and better. Don't vote.
    Hate politics because no one is ever right. Including you and me.
    Digital Video Solutions, Dec 4, 2004
  15. Gary Bettan

    vic Guest

    So... how many times DO you have to lie to become a liar?
    vic, Dec 5, 2004
  16. Gary Bettan

    vic Guest

    Oh, and democracy in not a spectator sport

    vic, Dec 5, 2004
  17. Gary Bettan

    vic Guest

    (edit) Democracy "IS" not a spectators sport.

    vic, Dec 5, 2004
  18. I feel sorry for you Vic. Canopus has a very god reputation. The only
    real stuff-up for now is the PPro plugin misery. But you might
    consider that the company has a limited amount of resources
    (programmers), who work on Edius for now, and a bit less on the PPro
    plug. This might also be fueled by the popularity of Edius compared to
    PPro for Canopus.


    Martin Heffels, Dec 8, 2004
  19. Couldn't win the arguement, so you changed the focus to another issue. So
    lame. So, so, lame.

    Digital Video Solutions, Dec 8, 2004
  20. Gary Bettan

    vic Guest

    My apologies I thought I was having a disagreement with an adult.

    vic, Dec 9, 2004
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