Canopus To Unveil EDIUS H|DV SP at IBC

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Videoguy, Sep 8, 2004.

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    Affordable realtime native HDV editing solution provides an easy
    transition from SD to the world of HD video

    San Jose, Calif. (September 8, 2004) – Canopus Corporation, a
    recognized leader in realtime video editing technology, today
    announced it will unveil EDIUS H|DV SP this week at IBC in Amsterdam.
    EDIUS H|DV SP is an affordable professional nonlinear editing solution
    that provides native editing and unmatched realtime processing of HDV,
    DV, uncompressed SD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 formats. EDIUS H|DV SP provides an
    easy transition for post-production facilities to move from SD to the
    world of HD video. EDIUS H|DV SP includes a 64-bit PCI board that
    provides hardware editing acceleration and high-quality video input
    and outputs, including FireWire for HDV and DV, as well as component,
    composite and S-Video connectors. Support for DVCPRO 50 and DVCPRO HD
    can be added through the Canopus Codec Option Pack. Designed to
    seamlessly integrate into existing studio environments, EDIUS H|DV SP
    features complete support for BetaCam SP with component video and
    balanced audio input/output, as well as frame-accurate RS-422 VTR
    control and external reference sync input connections.

    EDIUS H|DV SP provides an easy transition for video studios to move
    from existing SD video to the world of HD video by editing SD content,
    such as DV, in HD resolution while providing realtime output to HDTV
    monitors using the onboard HD component output. EDIUS H|DV SP provides
    the highest–quality, realtime up-conversion from SD to HD video with
    all project titles, graphics and effects performed in HD resolution.

    read the complete press release at

    Gary 800 323-2325
    We are the Digital Video Editing & DVD Production Experts!
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    Videoguy, Sep 8, 2004
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