Canoscan 8400F -- 120-roll-film holder

Discussion in 'Scanners' started by Dick Adams, Sep 12, 2006.

  1. Dick Adams

    Dick Adams Guest

    Has anybody noticed that it warps the film at one end of the
    intended 4-frame strip?

    It seems to have to do with a couple of clips and dimple/pimple
    retentions at that end.

    Maybe just grinding off the pimples is the answer?

    For a while I thought that the film space was narrower at the warping
    end. I am still not sure that that is not part of the problem.

    Dick Adams, Sep 12, 2006
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  2. Dick Adams

    Dick Adams Guest

    Y'mean the end where the clips and the dimple-pimple clamps are?

    Have you given this matter any thought at all?
    Dick Adams, Sep 12, 2006
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  3. Dick Adams

    Dick Adams Guest

    And me, I idly wonder if the 8600F comes with the same roll-film holder
    as does the 8400F, namely the one which pinches one end of a 4-frame
    120-film strip so severely as to prevent the film from lying quite flat at
    that end.

    One really nice feature of the 8400F is that it comes with a full copy of
    *Photoshop Elements*. On the other hand, the 8400F's "dust removal"
    feature is not highly regarded. The 8600's reported resolution is slightly
    better. I wonder if any one would actually be able to notice the difference.
    It seems to have more buttons, too.

    Since the 8400F has been selling for just a bit more than the price of
    Adobe *Photoshop Elements*, since dust problems are pretty easy to
    fix manually, or with proper development, and since the film-crimping
    problem can be fixed with a nail file even if it may not have been
    recognized yet by the manufacturer, and since the 8600F does not
    seem to be generally available just yet, I'd say the 8400F is still worthy
    some consideration. I am not rushing to trade mine in.
    Dick Adams, Sep 20, 2006
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