Can't get Nero 6 to transcode a smooth-playing MPG- help please!

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Trever Talbert, Jul 4, 2004.

  1. Newbie to this stuff here, so please be gentle...

    I am trying to get a simple AVI video file written (with chapters) onto a
    disk, either SVCD or DVD, whatever works. I tried using Nero Express 2 to
    do this because it is supposed to be the "all-in-one" solution, but the MPG
    files that it produces from the AVI transcoding all play very jerky, with
    dropped frames or something. Audio is fine but there is noticeable
    jumpiness in the video, especially when large areas of the screen are
    scrolling by. Soooo....

    I investigate a bit at vcdhelp and learn that TMPG and others are the
    preferred AVI-to-MPG encoders, so I download TMPG and VirtualDub to handle
    the AVI-to-MPG encoding. I extract the audio with VirtualDub and then
    encode the AVI and extracted audio in TMPG to create a new MPG2 file (for
    SVCD) which plays beautifully, with a great picture and liquid-smooth
    motion. I bring this MPG2 into Nero Express 2 and write a SVCD which also
    plays beautifully. Nero does not recode the MPG2 and just burns it straight
    to disk and all is well, except that the SVCD does not have chapters and I
    added chapters during the creation sequence in Nero Express 2. So, I go
    back into Nero Express 2 and note that I added chapters, but not a menu...
    So, for the next try I add a menu also, and chapters. This time Nero
    transcodes the entire original MPG2 file, taking 1:50 instead of the 19
    minutes of the first try, and I get an SVCD which DOES have a menu and
    working chapters but which also plays jerky again, with the same frame
    stuttering that seems to be produced whenever Nero has to do the transcoding
    on its own. So, I guess my questions are-

    *Why does Nero create these jerky MPG files when it transcodes? Has anyone
    else experienced this and can anything be done about it?

    *If I can't add chapters in Nero without having it re-transcode the MPG2
    (creating a jerky result), then is it possible to somehow add chapters to
    the MPG2 before it gets to Nero, and just use Nero as a burner? For
    instance, if I somehow split the one big MPG2 file into a bunch of smaller
    ones, then added these smaller files in sequence into Nero to burn, would
    they be treated as chapters on the final disc (or would they just be all
    lumped together again)?

    This jerkiness in the Nero encoded files is really annoying, since it would
    be nice if I could do the whole process in one shot. There is a
    particularly bad wrinkle to this regarding having to use TMPG, which is
    that, thanks to a TMPG bug, I am stuck having to flail around in TMPG in a
    foreign language. The native OS on this computer is French but I speak very
    little French, and TMPG refuses to set itself to any language other than the
    native OS language. I downloaded it from the English-language page and it
    is set for English, but nonetheless always starts up in French. It's
    complex enough as it is, without having to decipher a foreign language's
    menu settings, so I'd love to NOT have to use TMPG if possible. I've
    emailed their tech support but they don't acknowledge this as a problem (or
    to be precise, they tell me to do exactly what I have already done - change
    the language in the Options and in the INI file - which is the same thing
    they have told the other dozen people posting on their BBS about this same
    problem, and which has no effect on the problem at all)

    Thanks in advance for any help provided!
    Trever Talbert
    Trever Talbert, Jul 4, 2004
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