cant see my thumbnails

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Jean Pierre Daviau, Mar 15, 2008.

  1. Hi to the experts,

    I can see my jpg tif gif thumbnails but I cant see my psd
    thumbnails in open file PS CS3.

    The samething appens for the thumbnails in windows explorer
    (but not the psd.)

    Adobe Bridge works perfectly.


    Thanks for your attention.

    Jean Pierre Daviau
    Olympus sp-550uz
    CS3 suite
    windows Xp, 1.8 Gig ram
    asus p4 s533/333/133
    Intel(R) Celeron (R) CPU 2.00 GHz
    MMX(TM), SSe SSE2
    Processor Radeon7000 0x5159 agp
    Jean Pierre Daviau, Mar 15, 2008
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  2. I have a related question - my Windows machine displays PSD thumbnails when
    I open a folder (I am talking about in windows XP itself and not an
    application) but my new Vista machine doesn't. I seem to remember that
    windows didn't always display PSD thumbnails but I can't remember when or
    how display came about. I seem to think it is something photoshop does or
    was it a windows service pack? Does anybody know what I can do to get it in

    Malcolm Smith, Mar 17, 2008
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  3. Jean Pierre Daviau

    KatWoman Guest

    you may have had an earlier install of PS 7 on that comp

    PSD thumbs were removed from later versions of PS after that for all Windows
    OS, not a Vista thing
    they say it is incompatible for windows systems
    but there is a work-around
    I have used it on XP with no issues, have not tried Vista
    Google for PSICON.DLL

    it has the file and the how to install it

    it is a registry fix that will make thumbnails for PSD
    or you could install an old PS like version 7

    always back up registry before fiddling
    KatWoman, Mar 18, 2008
  4. Thanks
    Jean Pierre Daviau, Mar 18, 2008
  5. Jean Pierre Daviau

    KatWoman Guest


    glad to help
    KatWoman, Mar 19, 2008
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