Capture cards vs. VHS to DVD-R through SCART vs. using DVD-R/VCR combo ?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by tomjbr.41840400, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. Is it at all possible to copy VHS videos (recorded from TV) from a VHS
    VCR to a DVD-recorder by connecting them with a SCART cable or is there
    some kind of builtin copy protection in DVD-recorders that makes this
    impossible ?

    Is it possible to copy from VHS to DVD in a DVD-r/VCR combo (or is
    there a copy protection that even prevents TV-recordings to be copied)

    If both the above ways of copying from VHS to DVD are indeed possible,
    then my next question is if the SCART alternative can give as good
    result as copying within a DVD-r/VCR combo ?

    How good will the quality of the DVD copy become, if using SCART or
    DVD-r/VCR combo, compared to copying VHS videos from your VCR (through
    a SCART and a SCART/RCA adapter and some capture card) into the
    computer (and then burn it to DVD) ?

    Are there any good AGP graphics/capture (combined) cards today, i.e.
    graphics card that includes video capture, or is it much better to buy
    a separate graphics card and a separate video capture card ?
    (I actually need to buy a graphics card anyway, so therefore the
    question is if I should buy a combined graphics/capture card or a
    separate capture card)
    Regarding capture cards, I have actually found this site:
    but assuming that the date sorting of that site is working properly I
    do not think there are any cards newer than 2003, when I clicked AGP
    and the two checkboxes "Analog VideoIn" and "Graphics/Video Card"

    tomjbr.41840400, Jan 11, 2007
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  2. tomjbr.41840400

    Ray S Guest

    Sure, you can do it.

    Likely not.

    If using a DVD/VCR combo, likely close to the quality on the tape.

    The cards made by Hauppage consistently get spoken of well.
    Ray S, Jan 11, 2007
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