Capture satellite(direct tv,tv,vcr) with ati all in wonder pro 128HELP!!

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Guest, Feb 28, 2004.

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    Guest Guest

    I want to capture satellite programs as well as tv and vcr tapes and
    burn to DVD-r using my ati all in wonder 128 pro 32meg AGP card. My tv
    and stereo are about 80 ft away from my PC, so cables will be an
    issue.My system setup is:
    AMD Athlon xp 1800
    512 meg DDR ram
    80 gig 7200 rpm HD
    ati all in wonder pro 128 video card
    LG 4081B DVD burner
    sis 7012 integrated audio driver(on board)

    Software: ATI MMC7.2 or Ulead Movie Factory Ver. 3.0
    My satellite, tv, dvd player and VCR are tied into my Denon receiver.
    What is the best hookup and way to capture video especially through the
    Please, I am a newbie to video capture and authoring so please explain
    how you would tie into the video card and go about the capture and burn
    process, without losing frames.
    The distance worries me to run cables without degredation, but I am
    relying on your expertise people.
    Guest, Feb 28, 2004
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  2. Guest

    Lil' Dave Guest

    Some options about getting the video to the TV card:
    String a line and cable outlet to the room the PC is in.
    Move the PC to the room the satellite is located.
    Tape the video on a VCR, playback the video on a VCR in same room as PC.
    Won't ask why you have such a PC if this was not planned ahead of time.
    Lil' Dave, Feb 28, 2004
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  3. Guest

    Don Stauffer Guest

    eighty feet is a bit long, but the results will still be better than
    recording to VHS and playing back VHS tape.

    One option is to get a set of those RF links. These packages go for
    from less than a hundred bucks to maybe one fifty. YOu set the
    transmitter near your satellite tv and use a short pair of AV cables,
    use another pair to connect receiver to PC. Most of these will do
    eighty feet if there are not a bunch of large metal objects in between.

    Rabbit was first brand of these, but I haven't seen rabbit brand for
    Don Stauffer, Feb 28, 2004
  4. Guest

    DigitalEbola Guest

    Standard AV cables from the tv to the capture card..
    DigitalEbola, Feb 29, 2004
  5. Guest

    Ken Maltby Guest

    If you use DirecTv then I would suggest that you
    first take advantage of the $99 DirecTvio deal. There
    are a number of reasons this is a great deal for anyone
    trying to capture to a PC. It is also only $5 a month for
    the "Tvio" subscription that allows you to program the
    unit to collect up the shows you want to watch/capture.
    ( The regular Tvio Subscription is $13 a month)

    Since the units just copy the digitized satellite feed to
    a hard drive and "decode" it for playback; there is no
    loss associated with storing the digital data. What you
    see when you watch a show is the same as what your
    capture card well see.

    Having the ability to start and stop and rewind the source
    during capture can come in very handy. It's great to have
    a good source, on the DirecTvio, in case a problem is
    encountered later in the DVD production process. It also
    comes in handy if/when you want to try different settings, in
    search for your "perfect' setup. (or for that stubborn video
    that just won't come out right, with your usual settings)

    As to cabling; here is how I do mine:

    From my DirecTV DVR; Video = SVideo out > AV Receiver
    Audio= TosLink > AV Receiver
    R&L RCA > Ground loop Isolator>capture card

    [ The run from the Ground Loop Isolator to the capture card
    is made with 2ea. 50' RG6 cables w/RCA to F connector
    adapters on each end]

    From the AV Receiver; SVideo out > a four output manual
    switch > 1=27" TV, 2=120" SharpVision Projector, 3=
    empty, 4=capture card

    [ The run to the capture card: SVideo to 2ea. RCA adapter
    then 2ea. RCA to F connector adapters to 2ea. 50' RG6 cables,
    then the same adapters back to SVideo for the capture card]

    The AV Receiver's Audio= is muted during capture.

    I use an "X10 Powermid" to relay the remote control signals
    to the DirecTvio unit. ( You may want to use a hardwired IR
    Relay approach, if you live in a RF noisy environment)

    I'll leave the DV capture process to other posters, as I use
    a hardware direct to DVD compliant MPEG approach for my
    analog captures.

    Ken Maltby, Feb 29, 2004
  6. I want to capture satellite programs as well as tv and vcr tapes and
    First thing would be to upgrade MMC to 7.7. It's available here:

    It's the latest release that will run on your 128 Pro without
    major/complicated install procedures. With it, you can either capture
    directly to DVD compliant mpeg format with no loss of frames on your
    system or to uncompressed avi format for conversion with a standalone
    I'm not familiar with DirectTV receivers as I use Dish Network but if
    you have an S-Video out, that will be the best way to send the signal to
    your 128 Pro if you absolutely can't move either your receiver or your
    computer. The next best choice would be the composite output, it looks
    like a standard RCA output.. You could also use a coax cable if your sat
    receiver has one but this is the least desirable from a quality
    standpoint but may be appropriate given the distance from receiver to
    computer. I'd try S-video first.
    Run a S-Video or composite cable from the video out of your sat receiver
    to the video in on the breakout box of the 128 Pro. Run left and right
    audio cables the same way. Start MMC and in the TV Player Setup dialog
    box, select Digital VCR. In the Recording Quality section, select DVD.
    Press the record button to start recording and when the program is
    finished, press the stop button. You will now have a DVD compliant mpeg
    file that will burn directly to DVD. I use Nero so I can't speak to
    Ulead Movie Factory but with Nero I just drag the file over and burn

    My cable run about 50 feet and there's no visible degradation of the
    signal. I can't remember where I got the long S-video cables but it's
    worth it to spend more on quality cables. I think mine cost about $25

    Here are a couple of links you may find helpful:;45#9;45;54#1;54

    Good luck.
    Chuck U. Farley, Feb 29, 2004
  7. Guest

    Toshi1873 Guest

    Ditch the AIW 128... get an external Canopus ADVC firewire box or a
    cheap Hauppauge WinTV card and a good sound card (not the one integrated
    into your motherboard). I spent 2 or 3 years fighting with my AIW 128
    under Win2k and WinXP and never got good results (driver issues,
    incompatibilities with motherboard chipsets).

    Personally, I capture onto a S-VHS VCR ($120 for the low-end JVC model)
    which gives me good enough resolution for 352x480 half-D1 DVD video.
    Avoids the cable issue because I have 2 VCRs, one for recording the
    other for playback/capture. I also don't have to tie up my system doing
    recording duty. If you don't want to do the S-VHS VCR method, get a
    set-top DVD recorder and then just re-author the DVDs on your PC to cut
    out commercials / pretty it up.
    Toshi1873, Mar 2, 2004
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