Capturing 2 Video Streams simultaneously

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Roland Spielhofer, Jan 26, 2004.

  1. Hi!
    I'm looking for a solution to capture 2 video streams simultaneously to
    harddisk. A requirement is to get DV streams and to include some sort of
    Timecode. A measurement is filmed, and the timecode is the connex
    bewtween measured data and videoframe.

    There seem to be 2 opportunities:
    * 2 DV-Streams
    * 2 Composite Streams

    The problem: I didn't find any DV-Cam that's no Camcorder. The Cameras
    are mounted on the top of a truck and must be in a housing, so a
    camcorder is not appropriate. Does anybody know a DV-Camera that's in
    the form factor of the usual surveillance cameras (like the Panasonic
    mentioned beneath)?
    Then the two streams have to get the same timecode information. Another

    All Consumer-Boards have 1x Composite and 1x S-Video, but not 2x
    Composite input. Maybe more than one Card can be used in one PC. Has
    anybody done this already? My research concerning Framegrabber-Boards
    was'nt that successful. They (Matrox Meteor) don't seem to produce
    Pro: Cameras are no problem, timecode shouldn't be a problem. We already
    have a Panasonic WV-CP470, buying one more would be no prob.

    Any suggestions?
    Roland Spielhofer, Jan 26, 2004
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  2. I am playing with something similar for stereoscopic 3D. Maybe
    something here can help you. GraphEdit is pretty simple to figure
    out... Also, I am using a fast computer, so that might make a
    difference. (3G P4 w/1.5G RAM)
    This will only work in perfect sync from two live sources, i.e., you
    can't do this from a taped segment unless that was taped with
    genlocked cams! (I use another technique to do that with non-genlocked
    cams, which isn't 100% perfect, but it does work very well.)
    I just made two 5 minute tests using this graph that captures DV from
    two separate firewire cards. I shot 5 minutes worth with 100% perfect
    sync (checked by shooting my TV :), with both the videos and the
    external uncompressed audio. Here's that graph, minus
    the "half resolution" preview windows:
    So... what you end up with this graph is a separate left and right DV
    with no audio and an uncompressed 44,100 Hz, stereo WAV file from
    the microphone.

    P. K. Kid
    "Watching The News is Much Less Stressful when You Are Playing With
    A Punch Balloon"
    (All G-Rated)
    The Puppet Kite Kid, Jan 26, 2004
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