Card error with XD card

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by MikeM, Mar 24, 2007.

  1. MikeM

    MikeM Guest

    After using a 1 GB M type XD card for several months in my C-7070 I
    started getting the "card error" message and nsomething about
    reformatting or turning off. It often happened when I switched the
    camera on so there often some pics on the card. If I turned the camera
    off and on again it eventually worked. More recently I got a 1 GB H
    type XD card and filled it several times in the C-7070 and then put it
    my new SP-550. After filling and reformatting the card about 6 to 8
    times in the SP-550 it has now strted occasionally giving the "card
    error" when switched on. A couple of times it has displayed the error
    message then started ok. Sometimes it displays the error message for 1
    second of less then the camera turns itself off. I have used the CF
    card in the C-7070 from the time I bought the camera in Sep 2005 and
    more recently a 2 GB CF card, neither of the CF cards has had a

    I just paid $90 for an XD to CF adaptor to allow me to use the XD card
    on an upcoming trip when a computer won't be availble to use the USB
    cable. As this problem never happened with the CF card when both the
    CF and XD cards were in the C-7070 I assume the problem is with the XD
    card. Now that I have committed to the camera that only takes XD cards
    is this the sort of problem that is likely to progress to the point
    where the card will eventually fail.

    MikeM, Mar 24, 2007
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  2. MikeM

    ASAAR Guest

    I've been using xD cards for several years and have had no
    problems using them. It seems unlikely that two cards would become
    flaky after working properly. One thing that you can check for that
    may be causing a problem with the cards is whether the contacts on
    the cards have become contaminated or dirty. Since the contacts are
    exposed, occasionally handling them might transfer some grease or
    oils from the fingers. I'd try cleaning the contacts carefully with
    denatured alcohol or some other cleaner. If the contacts aren't
    bright and shiny, then a little rubbing with a clean rubber eraser
    could be tried. If before cleaning the cards they appeared to be
    fairly clean, you shouldn't have to worry about cleaning the insides
    of the xD card sockets. After cleaning, if you're in an anal mood,
    you could use a spray can of "electronic contact cleaner and
    lubricant" on the cards' contacts. This is available from Radio
    Shack as well as electronic distributors that don't primarily sell
    to retail customers. If Radio Shack hasn't infiltrated Australia, I
    assume there will be a local equivalent. If after all this you're
    still having problems with the xD cards, put one in the xD to CF
    adapter, and then put the adapter into the camera. I've done this
    before, and it has allowed some of my older Canon Powershot cameras
    to use xD cards even though they only have CF card sockets.
    ASAAR, Mar 24, 2007
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