Carl Zeiss 50mm 1.4

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by David Zou, Jun 25, 2005.

  1. David Zou

    David Zou Guest

    See 2nd hand Carl Zeiss 50mm 1.4 in ebay as well as in Jessops next to my
    Jessops sells it at 190pounds. I have a Canon 300D but have just got a kit
    lense. Should I go for a 2nd hand Carl Zeiss or the famous cheap and
    cheerful Canon 50mm 1.8 MKII?

    The Carl Zeiss on ebay is made in Japan by Contax. Is there any difference
    from those made in German?

    Thanks for viewing...
    David Zou, Jun 25, 2005
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  2. David Zou

    David Zou Guest

    Sorry just to add:

    Thanks for viewing and reply!!

    David Zou, Jun 25, 2005
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  3. £190 is way too much. Try the Amateur Photographer second hand ads from
    people like Ffordes, Mifsuds, MXV, Classic Camera Exchange, Nicholas etc.

    Ffordes website says they sell the adapter ring, too.

    I'd buy the Zeiss over the Canon f1.8 MkII. I doubt there's much difference
    between the German and Japanese Zeiss lenses. Stick to the AE mount, as
    there's little benefit to MM when there's no linkage between the body and

    Martin Francis, Jun 25, 2005
  4. David Zou

    Tony Polson Guest

    I agree with all Martin has said here. However, I would suggest that
    the OP also considers the Carl Zeiss 50mm f/1.7, which is sharper and
    has better rendering of out of focus elements of the shot (smoother
    bokeh). It also sells for much less money than the f/1.4 version.

    Of course, if you absolutely must have the f/1.4 aperture, that is the
    lens to buy. But the f/1.7 is better in every other respect, and
    cheaper too. It is one of the best performing lenses ever made for a
    35mm SLR camera.

    A word of warning; the OP should realise that all metering and
    shooting must be done with the lens stopped down to the taking
    aperture after composing and focusing at full aperture.
    Tony Polson, Jun 26, 2005
  5. More details:
    Martin Francis, Jun 26, 2005
  6. David Zou

    Edward Holt Guest

    Interesting idea - I've not heard of that.
    I'd really rather have a digital back for my Olympus cameras and take
    advantage of the manual focusing aids and also bigger, brighter viewfinder.
    Anyone know if their is any product like that available?
    Edward Holt, Jun 26, 2005
  7. David Zou

    Tony Polson Guest

    So far, there is only one digital back, the 10 megapixel Leica Digital
    Modul-R. It fits Leica R8 and R9 SLRs, and costs a whopping £3298.

    Nikon were apparently developing a convertible film/digital SLR but
    instead elected to offer two separate, but related SLRs; the 35mm film
    SLR is the Nikon F6 and the digital SLR is the D2X. The two cameras
    have a lot in common, but the convertible idea was dropped when it
    became apparent that the change in the market from 35mm film to
    digital was much more rapid than expected.

    I don't think a digital back for your Olympus 35mm SLRs is a realistic
    possibility. Olympus are fully committed to Four Thirds with the E
    System SLRs, and they are not likely to wish to dilute this by
    offering anything that is compatible with the OM System.
    Tony Polson, Jun 27, 2005
  8. David Zou

    DoN. Nichols Guest

    Well ... it depends. There is the NC2000e/c, a digital back
    applied to a Nikon N90s film camera by Kodak for the AP back around 1995
    or so. Only 1.3 MP, but it worked. And there were similar ones
    developed for Cannon bodies.

    But for something with today's MP ratings -- I'm afraid not
    other than the Leica one mentioned above.

    DoN. Nichols, Jun 27, 2005
  9. Kodak had several digital backs on the market in 1995 - in addition
    to the 1.3 Mpx AP-camera you mention, there was the 6 Mpx DCS460
    (for Nikon N90s), the 6 Mpx DCS465 (for generic MF bodies).
    The 6 Mpx DCS560 (for Canon EOS-1n) arrived in 1998.
    6 Mpx is still fairly current (both the Nikon D70s and D50) are
    6 Mpx). However, these Kodak backs are 10 years old, and can
    only be found on the second-hand market.
    Gisle Hannemyr, Jun 27, 2005
  10. David Zou

    David Zou Guest

    Thanks a lot!!

    Yeah I realise there is a problem in the metering..... But presumably I can
    use the DOF preview button to help me do the metering?

    David Zou, Jun 29, 2005
  11. David Zou

    Tony Polson Guest

    You're welcome.
    The metering is only a problem if you forget to stop down before
    taking a meter reading. If you can live with having to do that, the
    Carl Zeiss lens will give you excellent results.
    Tony Polson, Jun 29, 2005
  12. David Zou

    David Zou Guest

    Thanks Tony!

    I found some adaptor on ebay and sellers say they could support AV mode and
    this on web:

    The MM-type diaphragm allows for program AE, shutter-priority AE (Tv),
    aperture-priority AE (Av) and manual mode. The older AE-type diaphragm on
    certain currently produced Zeiss lenses only supports the Av and manual
    metering modes; this is solely a function of the diaphragm action and has
    nothing to do with optical quality.

    Which mount should I go for?

    David Zou, Jun 30, 2005
  13. David Zou

    David Zou Guest

    Thanks Martin:

    Yeah I found some 2nd lense on the website you mentioned and they are all
    awful lot cheaper!

    but I searched web and found MM mount is newer and more functional than AE
    mount with difference being the diaphragm....

    I am a bit confused as you mentioned AE is better than MM...


    David Zou, Jun 30, 2005
  14. David Zou

    Tony Polson Guest

    I'm sorry, David, I don't know. I wasn't aware that mounts were
    available that offered shutter priority and program AE.

    It sounds good ... if it works. Sorry I cannot help.
    Tony Polson, Jun 30, 2005
  15. David Zou

    David Zou Guest

    Never mind Tony...
    Thanks anyway


    David Zou, Jun 30, 2005
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