Carl Zeiss lenses for Canon SLRs - DPReview

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Bruce, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    Here is some very welcome news for all of us who enjoy using Carl
    Zeiss glass on our Canon EOS bodies: brand new Carl Zeiss lenses are
    now available in Canon EF mount!

    The first two EF mount lenses from Carl Zeiss are the very highly
    regarded 50mm f/1.4 and 85mm f/1.4 Planars, but more will follow. I
    use these lenses in Yashica/Contax mount with adapters, which means I
    need to meter and shoot with the lenses stopped down. The new lenses
    will offer metering and viewing wide open, with focus confirmation,
    full EXIF information and even compatibility with E-TTL flash. Wow!

    What the DPReview article doesn't say is that the lenses will be made
    in Japan by Cosina under licence from Carl Zeiss. The Cosina company
    already makes the Zeiss Ikon 35mm rangefinder camera body and most of
    the Carl Zeiss ZM lenses (with Leica M mount) that go with it.

    Here's the link to the article:
    Bruce, Sep 15, 2008
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  2. Bruce

    Böwser Guest

    Nice, but I really want a Zeiss wide angle...
    Böwser, Sep 15, 2008
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  3. Bruce

    Annika1980 Guest

    Yeah, I can't wait for the 18mm the Canon mount.
    The 50mm looks pretty good, especially since I seem to have misplaced
    Annika1980, Sep 15, 2008
  4. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    Wait, because there will be a 35mm f/2 and a 25mm f/2.8 in 2009.

    The people at Leica must be fuming, because Leica have been wooing
    Canon for several years in the hope of being granted a license to
    manufacture Leica lenses with the Canon EF mount. Looks like Carl
    Zeiss (or at least Cosina) got there first!

    Of course Cosina already has a strong relationship with Canon, having
    made a number of Canon lenses under contract. That may have helped.
    Bruce, Sep 15, 2008
  5. Bruce

    Böwser Guest

    BS, you just left it on the 20D when you shipped it to helen's closet. Can
    you live with manual focus?
    Böwser, Sep 15, 2008
  6. Bruce

    Böwser Guest

    I'm not sure they compete directly, since they're manual focus. Not sure if
    the Zeiss 50 will be an improvement; look at the full frame results here:

    Then look at the Canon lens here:

    Different, to be sure, but is one really better?
    Böwser, Sep 15, 2008
  7. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    Comparing the Canon 50mm f/1.4 and the Carl Zeiss 50mm f/1.4, the
    Canon has a "blur index" that is approximately twice as bad as the
    Carl Zeiss. That would appear to suggest that the Zeiss optic is
    significantly sharper. Of course the Carl Zeiss Planar is a newly
    revised design whereas the design of the Canon, which I think is based
    on the classic Zeiss Sonnar, is a couple of decades old now.

    On the other hand, the Canon 50mm f/1.2 and Carl Zeiss 50mm f/1.4
    appear to be roughly comparable in "blur index". Chromatic aberration
    and vignetting are also comparable. I think these are both recent

    In the end, a decision between these two fine lenses (Zeiss f/1.4 and
    Canon f/1.2) might be based on the subjective option of a user on the
    qualitative performance of the two lenses, especially microcontrast
    and out of focus rendering. There is also the question of price, with
    the Zeiss at $660 and the Canon at $1400 - more than double the cost
    of the Zeiss lens.

    That's quite a lot to pay for half a stop, but by no means unusual - I
    have the Contax (Carl Zeiss) 50mm f/1.4 even though I prefer the
    performance of the 50mm f/1.7. I paid more than double the price of
    the f/1.7 to get the extra half a stop.
    Bruce, Sep 15, 2008
  8. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    And I have just been told there will be an 18mm too.
    Bruce, Sep 15, 2008
  9. Bruce

    Hanz Guest

    The 18/3.5 they have in Nikon mount is good, but judged from the MTF
    graphs by far not as good as the also new 18/4 ZM version. Too bad...

    -- Hans
    Hanz, Sep 16, 2008
  10. Bruce

    Böwser Guest

    The blur index at f1.4 favors the Zeiss overall, but the Canon has a sharper
    center. Beynd that, bu f2.8, they look really close with the Canon looking
    sharper between f4 and f11. Not sure I'd spring for the Zeiss based on those
    tests. Especially since the Zeiss is not that great wide open.
    Böwser, Sep 16, 2008
  11. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    Not even at less than half the price?
    Bruce, Sep 16, 2008
  12. Bruce

    Böwser Guest

    The Zeiss is less than half the cost of the Canon 1.4 lens? Really?
    Böwser, Sep 17, 2008
  13. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    No, half the price of the f/1.2.
    Bruce, Sep 17, 2008
  14. Bruce

    Böwser Guest

    Ah, OK. I'm not in the market for one of those. Too damned expensive. I
    wonder how the price of the Zeiss compares to Sigma's 50mm 1.4?

    Hmmm..... Sigma or Zeiss? There's a toughie.
    Böwser, Sep 18, 2008
  15. Bruce

    Bruce Guest


    Like all Sigma lenses, the 50mm f/1.4 gets excellent reviews.

    If the Sigma lenses available at camera stores were as good as the
    review samples, I might consider buying one ...
    Bruce, Sep 18, 2008
  16. Bruce

    Böwser Guest

    what?! You don't mean.....
    Böwser, Sep 18, 2008
  17. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    You know *exactly* what I mean. ;-)
    Bruce, Sep 18, 2008
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