Casio Z-750 or related disassembly help?

Discussion in 'Casio' started by Ed Ruf (REPLY to E-MAIL IN SIG!), Jan 20, 2007.

  1. Does anyone have any experience disassembling a Casio Z-750 or similar
    model in order to clean the sensor? I've got almost half a dozen large
    black smudges showing in all photos where the aperture is small. I'm
    guessing I've had some condensation issues inside the camera. Any help of
    pointers would be appreciated.
    Ed Ruf ()
    Ed Ruf (REPLY to E-MAIL IN SIG!), Jan 20, 2007
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  2. On Sun, 21 Jan 2007 01:34:03 GMT, in "babaloo"
    <> wrote:

    >Unless taking things apart that cannot be put back together is your hobby
    >DON'T DO IT!

    Duh! Not very helpful. The request for info is an attempt to gauge what is
    involved to determine when/if I might give it a try. The only other
    alternative is to send it in to Casio, though I wonder if the cost
    associated would be worth it to me. As it is my patience for dealing with
    the images in post processing is wearing thin.

    So here's a fixed lens, metal case camera that goes against the endless
    diatribe of our resident loon Rich.
    Ed Ruf ()
    Ed Ruf (REPLY to E-MAIL IN SIG!), Jan 21, 2007
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  3. On Sun, 21 Jan 2007 08:09:51 -0500, in Rita Ä Berkowitz
    <ritaberk2O04> wrote:
    >Here's an idea that might have potential. Why don't you just blow some
    >compressed air into the seams of the camera? At this point it is worth the
    >gamble. You might get lucky and knock the crap off the sensor instead of
    >kicking up more internal dust. It beats the hell out of disassembly if that
    >thing is complicated.

    No offense, but I tried that from a hand can duster prior to posting. I'm
    not will to try anything higher pressure than this. I'm a bit more
    conservative than you and your Nikon cleaning system, even though I have
    easy access to compressed N2 at pressures higher than a standard K bottle
    and in much, much greater quantity. :)
    Ed Ruf ()
    Ed Ruf (REPLY to E-MAIL IN SIG!), Jan 25, 2007
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