Changing Fuji DL-500 (Mini Wide) battery

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by Cardamon Dave, Mar 29, 2005.

  1. There's a 2025 battery in the Fuji DL-500 (a.k.a. Fuji Mini Wide) that
    operates both the date imprint and the camera's LCD control panel. It's
    a little bit of a challenge to replace. Has anyone done this
    replacement themselves? Or if anyone's aware of instructions online, is
    there a URL you can share? Thanks.

    Cardamon Dave, Mar 29, 2005
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  2. UPDATE:

    Turns out this is pretty easy. You gently squeeze the plastic retainers
    that hold the camera's back from opening completely. Most Fuji cameras
    of this era had a "drop-in loading" setup that didn't require opening
    the back all the way. When you squeeze the retainers, the camera back
    swings open, and there's the battery, plain as day, and looking simple
    enough to unscrew from the interior of the camera back door.
    Cardamon Dave, Apr 27, 2005
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