Changing hair color using photoshop

Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by robmetfan, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. robmetfan

    robmetfan Guest

    How dificult of a task would it be to take a picture of a brunette
    friend of mine, and make her blonde?

    How long would it take to do something like this? How "real" can it be
    made to look? Anyone have an example of this sort of thing I can look

    Lets say its a... 320 X 240 picture, whereas her hair takes up approx.
    10-20% of the picture.

    Something worth noting, she does't have a digital camera, only a
    webcam. So the picture's aren't of the best quality to start with. Not
    sure if that makes it easier (the new hair color doens't have to look
    as perfect since the original picture isn't of highest quality) or if
    that makes it harder.

    She has always wondered what she would look like as a blonde, and
    lately she's been acting very "blonde" so I figured I'd see what I can
    do about making her one. (=

    (Yeah I know it's a stereotype... who cares. I'm blonde myself).
    robmetfan, Jun 26, 2004
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  2. robmetfan

    jarl_72 Guest

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  3. robmetfan

    Clyde Guest

    Nice idea, but it misses the hardest part - selecting just the hair.

    The key there is to take the photo with as much color and lumosity
    contrast as you can get. Shoot your brunette friend against a light blue
    or green background. Try to make the lighting as even as possible on the
    background. Also, do put her too close to the background or the color of
    it will bleed onto her.

    This will make selecting and cutting the background much easier. It
    still isn't that easy though. Most selection tools have a hard time with
    partial transparency, which you get with hair. True brunette hair isn't
    nearly as bad as blond hair, but it is a problem.

    The method I find that usually works best is to try different color
    modes. Look for the most contrast between the hair and everything around
    it. With my green background, I seem to pick the "a" channel in LAB mode
    the most. Copy that layer - making an alpha channel.

    Then use Levels to increase the contrast as much as possible without
    completely cutting out the partially transparent areas of the hair. It
    will take a bit of practice. After this is always takes some additional
    editing of the alpha channel to select just the hair. I usually just get
    to work with the brush tool.

    I use this method to cut out background and put my digitally created
    ones in behind.

    Clyde, Jun 27, 2004
  4. robmetfan

    dayspa123 Guest

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    dayspa123, May 10, 2013
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