Charging Fuji FInepix F610 without Cradle?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by weft2, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. weft2

    weft2 Guest

    Hi, I recently bought this older Fuji F610 camera used and it came
    with a charging dock, but without the 5v adapter to use the dock. I
    did buy a np-40 thin lithium battery and a cheap little AC wall
    charger that just plugs right into the wall with no cord that will
    charge the battery- But I was wondering if I did find a generic 5V (+
    polarity) adapter that fit, could it be plugged directly into the
    camera's ac outlet or even the dock's ac outlet (if the male end of
    the adapter cord fits) to charge the unit?

    Or, would it be that if you can plug./fit the new adapter's 5v plug
    into the camera directly, would that only power the camera for use
    tethered to the cord, or would it in fact charge the battery within-
    or should you not even place the battery within the camera if you
    connect it to the ac adapter, ie, would it damage the battery?

    If I can find a generic 5v adapter whose cord fits the female ports (+
    polarity on the dock's port) on the camera and/or the dock, would it
    make any difference plugging the adapter into the dock or directly
    into the camera?

    I'm nervous about damaging the camera either way, but am curious about
    the options. I can still go back to taking the battery out of the
    camera and charging it with the little wall charger if there's no
    other option for this older camera. And finding the original adapter
    for the cradle is impossible. The cradle was made in Japan, as was the
    camera, and there are no such parts for it on the internet.

    Thanks for any advice
    weft2, Aug 17, 2011
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  2. weft2

    John Turco Guest

    I found the "owner's manual" ["FinePixF610.pdf" (5052KB)] to the Fuji
    "FinePix F610" digicam, here:

    [PDF] FinePix F610 Manual

    Relevant excerpts:

    Page 13 -


    DC IN 5V
    (power input) socket


    Check that the camera is switched off. Plug the AC power adapter
    connector into the DC IN 5V socket on the camera and then plug the
    adapter itself into the main power outlet.

    The self-timer lamp lights (blue) and battery charging begins. When
    charging is completed, the self-timer lamp switches off.

    · Full recharging times for completely depleted battery
    (At an ambient temperature of +21°C to +25°C/+69.8°F to +77°F)
    NP-40: Approx. 2 hours

    ! Charging times increase at low temperatures.
    ! If the self-timer lamp blinks during charging, a charging error
    has occurred and the battery cannot be charged. If this occurs,
    see P.98.
    ! Switching the camera on during charging interrupts the charging.
    ! You can charge the battery more quickly by using the BC-65
    Battery Charger (sold separately) (.P.92).

    Using the AC Power Adapter
    Use the AC power adapter to avoid losing
    power at inconvenient times, such as when you
    are downloading photographed images to your
    computer. Using the AC power adapter also
    allows you to take pictures and playback
    images without worrying about depleting the

    · Compatible AC power adapters

    ! Use only the FUJIFILM products listed on the left.
    ! See P.94 for notes on using the AC power adapter.
    ! Only connect or disconnect the AC power adapter when
    the camera is switched off.
    Connecting or disconnecting the AC power adapter
    while the camera is switched on temporarily interrupts
    the power supply to the camera, so that images or
    movies being shot at the time are not recorded. Failing
    to switch the camera off first can also result in damage
    to the xD-Picture Card or malfunctions during PC
    ! The shape of the plug and socket-outlet depends on the
    country of use."


    Page 92 -

    "Accessories Guide"


    "· Battery Charger BC-65
    Quickly charges the rechargeable battery. The BC-65 reduces
    charging time to approximately 90 minutes (for the NP-40). The
    Battery adapter should be used when the NP-40 is being charged.
    The battery adaptor is supplied with the BC-65.

    · Rechargeable Battery NP-40
    A Lithium-ion slimline rechargeable battery.
    To charge the battery using the Battery Charger BC-65, the battery
    adapter supplied with the battery charger is required.

    · AC Power Adapter AC-5VH/AC-5VHS
    Use the AC-5VH/AC-5VHS when you want to take pictures or playback
    images for long periods or when the FinePix F610 is connected to
    a personal computer.
    * The shape of the AC power adapter, the plug and socket outlet
    depend on the country."


    "Notes on the Power Supply"


    "Charging the Battery
    · You can charge the battery using the camera and the AC
    power adapter (supplied).
    · The NP-40 can be charged at ambient temperatures
    between 0°C and +40°C (+32°F and +104°F). At an
    ambient temperature of +23°C (+73°F), it takes
    approximately 2 hours to charge a fully depleted
    NP-40 battery.
    · You should charge the NP-40 at an ambient temperature
    between +10°C and +35°C (+50°F and +95°F). If you
    charge the NP-40 at a temperature outside this range,
    charging takes longer because the performance of the
    NP-40 is impaired.
    · You cannot charge the NP-40 at temperatures of 0°C
    (+32°F) or below.

    · You can also use the optional Battery Charger BC-65 to
    charge the NP-40. When charging, use the NP-40 battery
    adapter supplied with the BC-65 (Refer to the Owner’s
    Manual for details).
    · The NP-40 can be charged using the BC-65 Battery
    Charger at ambient temperatures between 0°C to +40°C
    (+32°F to +104°F). At an ambient temperature of +23°C
    (+73°F), it takes approximately 90 minutes to charge a
    fully depleted NP-40 battery.
    · You should charge the NP-40 at an ambient temperature
    between +10°C to +35°C (+50°F to +95°F). If you charge
    the NP-40 at a temperature outside this range, charging
    takes longer because the performance of the NP-40 is
    · The NP-40 does not need to be fully discharged or
    exhausted flat before being charged.
    · The NP-40 may feel warm after it has been charged or
    immediately after being used. This is perfectly normal.
    · Do not recharge a fully charged NP-40.
     Battery Life
    At normal temperatures, the NP-40 can be used at least
    300 times.
    If the time for which the NP-40 provides power shortens
    markedly, this indicates that the NP-40 has reached the
    end of its effective life and should be replaced."


    Page 95 -

    "Notes on the Power Supply'


    "AC Power Adapter"

    "Use only the AC-5VW AC Power Adapter with your
    FinePix F610 Digital Camera. The use of other AC power
    adapters may result in damage to your camera.
    · The AC Power Adapter is only intended for indoor use.
    · Plug the connection cord plug securely into the DC input
    terminal of the FUJIFILM Digital camera.
    · Turn off the power switch of the FUJIFILM Digital camera
    before disconnecting the connection cord from the FUJIFILM
    Digital camera’s DC input terminal. To disconnect, take
    hold of the plug and pull it out (do not disconnect it by
    pulling on the cord).
    · Do not use the AC power adapter with any device except
    the specified device.
    · During use, the AC power adapter will become hot to
    touch, but this is normal.
    · Do not disassemble the AC power adapter. Doing so
    could be dangerous.
    · Do not use the AC power adapter in a place with high
    temperature and high humidity.
    · Do not drop or subject the AC power adapter to strong
    · The AC power adapter may emit a humming noise, but
    this is normal.
    · If used near a radio, the AC power adapter may cause
    static, so play the radio in a distant place.
    . Very occasionally, DC output will be prevented by the
    operation of the internal protection circuit. In this
    event, unplug the AC-5VW AC power adapter from the power
    socket for a few moments and then plug it in again. This
    will restore DC output.

     Specifications (AC-5VW)
    Power Supply AC 100V to 240V,50/60Hz

    Rated Input Capacity 13W(U.S.A.and Canada)
    0.08A to 0.2A(other countries)

    Rated Output DC 5.0V 1.5A
    Temperature During Use 0°C to +40°C (+32°F to +104°F)
    Storage Temperature –10°C to +70°C
    (+14°F to +158°F)
    Dimensions (MAX.) 40 mm × 21 mm × 79 mm
    (1.6 in. × 0.8 in. × 3.1 in.)
    (W × H × D)
    Mass (Weight) Approx. 110 g (3.9 oz.)
    (excluding power cable)
    * These specifications are subject to change without notice."

    Good luck and happy hunting!
    John Turco, Aug 18, 2011
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