Chasing Bears

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Rah Q5, May 18, 2012.

  1. Rah Q5

    Rah Q5 Guest

    Well, one, anyway! :)

    Phone rang, on Mother's Day evening, about a bear down the street! Hung
    up and ran down to check it out.

    All I got was this, but the whole town was there and some got real nice
    ones!! (sigh) Even videos!

    I live in the city, so it surprised everyone! The DNR didn't have
    anything to tranquilize the bear so everyone had to move back 2-3 blocks
    or more and they let the bear go.

    It will be back they said. And there's been many reports of other
    sightings in different towns. Not the same one, I don't think.

    Great Lakes region
    Rah Q5, May 18, 2012
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  2. Rah Q5

    Tim Conway Guest

    Cool. Bears are neat. They *can* be mean though if you approach them
    wrong. I don't get to see too many of them around here...south central PA
    USA. ps. not too bad a shot.
    Tim Conway, May 18, 2012
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  3. Rah Q5

    notbob Guest

    I live in the CO Rockies. Lotsa bears. And people who think bears
    are neat and go, "Ooh... lookie!", are putting themselves in as much
    danger as they are endangering the bear.

    I too, did that, at first. Oh cool! A bear. By the 4th yr, a bear
    discovered we had unopened dog kibble in our shed. It figured out how
    to open the door. I locked the door. The bear returned and tore the
    entire hasp/lock clean off the door. I nailed (8" spikes) a 2x12
    across the door. Bear returned again and tore the entire door completely
    off the shed and yanked our small chest freezer into the yard,
    destroying the freezer and scattering frozen food far and wide.

    Finally hadda call Dept of Wildlife (DOW), who came out, caught the
    bear, and had it put down. You see, it was the bear's 2nd offense.
    In CO, two strikes and the bear is DEAD! I was not happy about that,
    but I now understand why.

    If ppl allow a bear to continue to lurk in neighborhoods and maraud
    garbage cans, thinking, "lookie, a bear!", they are enabling that
    bear. That bear WILL become bolder, and someone is gonna get hurt or
    the bear is gonna be killed. Last Summer, two ppl were killed by
    bears within 10 miles of my residence. If you see a bear, call your
    DOW and get that bear relocated, tout de suite. Bears are not cool or
    cute or neat or whatever. They are potentially very dangerous
    animals. The life you save may be your own ...or the bears.

    notbob, May 18, 2012
  4. Rah Q5

    PeterN Guest

    On a photo trip to AK I was pretty close to several brown bears. Someone
    mentioned that the bear I was shooting had just stolen some fish from
    the creel of a fisherman. I wold have given a lot to get a shot of the
    fisherman's face when it happened.

    You are correct, but you comment should not be limited to bears. What
    you say applies to all wildlife. They must be approached with caution,
    respect and understanding of their habits.
    PeterN, May 18, 2012
  5. Rah Q5

    Alan Browne Guest

    This what you need to get as a photo:
    aka "Falling Bear"

    Unfortunately, the bear came back (after being moved far away) and was
    hit by a car.
    Alan Browne, May 18, 2012
  6. Rah Q5

    Alan Browne Guest

    In Sequoia NP a few years ago I came down a trail to find about 20
    French tourists moving toward a black bear. It was trying to go 90° to
    the group but they kept angling towards it.

    I started clapping my hands loudly which stopped the tourists and urged
    the bear cross the trail and go off to wherever he wanted to go in the
    first place. The tourists started nattering in French about what a
    prick I was. Then they discovered my more colorful abilities in both
    French Canadian and Parisian French (with appropriate accent changes).

    Ruined my bear photo op too.
    Alan Browne, May 18, 2012
  7. Rah Q5

    Savageduck Guest

    Yup! My bear close encounter was also up at Sequoia NP, at the
    Lodgepole Campground, there was also an idiot involved in that.
    I had a rental RV parked in a slot right next to the creek. It was
    getting dark, and I took our old Lab for a walk. By the time I circled
    back it was dark and my return path took me through some tent sites. I
    heard this very destructive noise coming from my right, so I lit up the
    are with my flashlight. Some 12 feet to my right was a big black bear
    tearing through the food at a tent camp site. I was close enough to see
    blue and red tags on the right ear. I held my dog back on her leash,
    and started shouting and making a noise. A camper at an adjacent site
    made noise by banging pans together. The bear ran off across the creek
    and had taken a Tupperware container of milk with it.

    The idiot was the camper who left the food out and vulnerable. By
    lighting up the other side of the creek with a spotlight, I could see
    the bear had moved on and had left the tupperware container in the
    open. I asked the camper if he wanted to retrieve his container. He
    said he did. So I led the way across the creek. As I reached the
    opposite bank I turned to find the idiot holding a snub-nose S&W 38. I
    blew my stack. All a 38 would have done would be to piss off the bear.
    There was also the possibility that he could have stumbled and shot me
    in the back. Back in those days it was illegal to carry firearms in
    National Parks. I advised him of the law. Hell! I had to keep my off
    duty weapon secured in the RV, and even today while firearms are
    permitted within National Parks, State laws still apply, and you cannot
    take a firearm into any of the NP or government facilities/offices in
    the parks.
    Needless to say, he had broken camp, and was gone before the ranger
    came around in the morning.

    The next morning I reported the encounter to a ranger. The ranger told
    me that they knew the bear from my description of the ear tags, and
    this particular bear had a vehicle break-in MO. It would take a claw
    and run it under the edge of the windshield, and then pop the glass out
    to gain entry via the now gapping entry. The ranger also told me that
    my encounter would result in a kill order for this bear, which was a
    380 Lb. female. It had been relocated on two other occasions.

    At Sequoia-Kings Canyon NP they have bear lockers for camper's food,
    and even those folks with RVs are advised to use them. If you stay at
    one of the lodges, never leave any snacks or toiletries in your car, as
    you will find it torn apart the next morning.
    Savageduck, May 18, 2012
  8. Rah Q5

    Alan Browne Guest

    I tend to speak calmly to people unexpectedly holding a handgun.
    We stayed in one of those tents in Yosemite's Curry Village (lodge was
    booked full months ahead - (good thing too - quite expensive - don't
    tell the SO!)). Even had to reserve the tent 2 months ahead.

    Put all our food in the locked containers. They show photos of what
    bears do to cars. If a bear even thinks something in a car is a
    container they'll break in. No ifs.
    Alan Browne, May 18, 2012
  9. Rah Q5

    notbob Guest

    Yep. This big news in CO, where it happened. Probably didn't get the
    bear far enough away. Failure on the part of DOW.

    Bottom line: Bears and dwellers do not mix. The current buzz
    word/sticker in CO is: Garbage Kills Bears

    I don't wanna do harm to the local bear population, but if I have to go out
    after dark, to empty garbage or whatever, I carry a loaded .44 magnum
    with bear loads in it. I'd rather not, and I avoid doing so if I can,
    but if I gotta, I'm no fool.

    notbob, May 18, 2012
  10. Rah Q5

    Rah Q5 Guest

    Thanks for the comment on the shot. It was evening so all I had was a
    pocket camera. :)
    Rah Q5, May 19, 2012
  11. Rah Q5

    Rah Q5 Guest

    Yes, I seen that! That was quite a fall!
    Felt bad that the bear ended up dying!
    Rah Q5, May 19, 2012
  12. Rah Q5

    Rah Q5 Guest

    Thanks for your input on the bear and bears in general.

    The DNR here says it will be back and for us, the city, to be on the
    alert and let them know of any sightings.

    There have been many, in different areas and I don't think its the same
    bear, but several because of the distance.

    But the DNR here does not have any kind of tranquilizer on hand but
    would like to capture the bear for further study, and maybe a neck
    device to monitor its whereabouts.

    So, I'll be watching my back when going out at night, and not leaving
    any food in the car, either!! Thanks for all the tips!!
    Great Lakes region
    Rah Q5, May 19, 2012
  13. Rah Q5

    tony cooper Guest

    You don't have to go to the National Parks to find bears. Black bears
    are a problem in this area. Not in my neighborhood, but within a
    couple of miles of my house. A man going into his garage late at
    night surprised a black bear raiding his garbage a few weeks ago, and
    was mauled (but not seriously) by the bear. The bear wanted out of
    the garage, and the man was between where the bear was and where the
    bear wanted to be.
    tony cooper, May 19, 2012
  14. Rah Q5

    Savageduck Guest

    Agreed. Wild life can turn up in the oddest places, even in well
    developed areas. We are the intruders after all.
    When you live on the fringes of the wilderness and/or in relatively
    rural areas, encounters with wildlife are not uncommon. Bears are a
    little more common just South of me, but out here at Lake Nacimiento, I
    have plenty of local mountain lion, coyote, foxes, bobcats, deer, elk,
    raccoons, possum, wild pigs, etc. It is always best avoid contact and
    interaction with any wild animals.
    Man is far more dangerous, and a greater threat to all of those.
    Savageduck, May 19, 2012
  15. Rah Q5

    Alan Browne Guest

    The bear died much later from a car hit.

    The "fall" was into an air bed of some sort. No harm at all.
    Alan Browne, May 19, 2012
  16. Rah Q5

    ray Guest

    FWIW - here are some I got in Yellowstone last year.
    ray, May 21, 2012
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