CHDK for Canon P&S Cameras Now with Motion Detection

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Stephen James, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. Motion Detection is only in Alpha phase at the moment, but it seems to
    work just fine. It has been integrated with and must be used with
    uBASIC scripts so the end-user may have full control over detection
    regions, how many regions to define, sensitivity in each region, and
    how that motion detected will be implemented. Such as: still frame
    shooting, video recording, bracketing (focus or exposure), shooting
    delays after motion-detection, zoom-in as motion is detected centrally
    (or zoom-out as motion nears borders), intervalometer triggering, used
    as extreme remote-control (trigger the camera from a long distance
    with a laser-pointer), etc. All the features available to CHDK
    scripts, meaning _anything_ that you can do manually with your camera,
    may now be remotely controlled with motion-detection. (See discussion
    link below for all motion-detection commands/features available from
    uBASIC scripts.)

    Possible use examples:

    Write a small script to detect motion (change) of a certain magnitude
    on the R channel, you can select which color channel you want it to
    detect a change in, or just the standard luminosity if you prefer,
    briefly flash a red laser-pointer at camera from as far away as you
    want, trip shutter when laser light is no longer detected.

    Write a small script that doesn't shoot an image while motion is being
    detected, tell your group to wave at the camera until you enter the
    scene, when everyone remains perfectly still it will shoot an image
    (motionless detection).

    Write a small script to detect changes in the particular colors always
    visible in aurora, set out the camera for the night, shoot timed or
    change-detected sequences of aurora slowly evolving, stop shooting
    when aurora dims or goes away.

    The possibilities are endless. The only limit is your imagination and
    your script-writing abilities. This will no doubt be of great use for
    scientific research, investigative surveillance, and unattended nature
    photography. No other high-quality, easily obtainable, un-tethered
    cameras on earth can even come close to what is now possible. You
    might find something similar in a research lab as a million-dollar
    custom design, but not in your hands, until now. And it's free (minus
    the cost of your P&S camera).

    Other related Digic III firmware was finally captured and
    compared to Digic II firmware, it appears at this time that CHDK is
    fully portable to Digic III cameras. There is no mention on when or if
    this will ever be done. Just that it is possible.
    Stephen James, Sep 14, 2007
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