CHDK NEWS: Successfully Ported to a Canon Digic III Camera

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Zack McKrackin, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. CHDK is now available for the Canon PowerShot G7

    Read this portion of this discussion for further information and
    download links for the working binaries and source files:

    It seems to works perfectly on some G7s, not at all on others. I would
    suspect a firmware incompatibility. See the CHDK Wiki FAQ on how to
    detect your camera's firmware version to see if this is what is
    causing it.

    It appears at this time that it may not be possible to port CHDK to
    some other Canon Digic III cameras, specifically the S5 IS so far.
    There may be others. Canon, in its corporate paranoia and insecurity,
    has removed one of the menu features from its firmware which is
    required to make this more easily possible. There may be some way to
    do this in the future, it just hasn't been found yet. Effort to enable
    CHDK on other Digic III cameras will probably be directed to those
    models that haven't been crippled in this manner. This makes the S5 IS
    an even less desirable camera to purchase. Some S5 IS owners are now
    disappointedly returning theirs, having bought them with the
    expectation that they too would eventually have all the huge benefits
    of using CHDK.

    It is interesting in that people are now deciding on which camera to
    purchase, not by the camera's own capabilities, but if it can be used
    with CHDK or not. The tail can most assuredly wag this dog.

    It may not be too far of a stretch to think that future camera reviews
    will have one more entry added to their features list: "CHDK
    Compatible". Buyers skipping over those models that are listed as
    "CHDK Denied". It may not be in camera review lists yet but it's
    already happening.
    Zack McKrackin, Sep 21, 2007
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