CHDK Now Supports 25 Canon Powershot Models

Discussion in 'Canon' started by trent_tagger, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. trent_tagger

    trent_tagger Guest

    In case you haven't been following the development of the CHDK add-on
    for Canon Powershot cameras for awhile, here's a little update.

    25 Camera models (37 firmware versions total) now supported:

    a570-100e, a570-101a
    a610-100e, a610-100f
    g7-100e, g7-100g, g7-100i, g7-100j
    ixus55_sd450-100b, ixus55_sd450-100c
    ixus700_sd500-101a, ixus700_sd500-101b
    ixus70_sd1000-100c, ixus70_sd1000-101b, ixus70_sd1000-102a
    ixus800_sd700-100b, ixus800_sd700-101b
    s2is-100e, s2is-100f, s2is-100g

    The latest Allbest Build #48 Revision History:

    Added support of next set camera models:
    + ixus850 (sd800)( mrblack51 )
    + ixus860_sd870 - 100c ( Grand )
    + Ixus950_sd850 - 100c ( whoever )
    + ixus55_sd450 - 100c, 100b (3DBruce )
    + ixus65_sd630 - 100a ( cail )
    + ixus70_sd1000 - 100c ( quietschi )
    + a460 - 100d ( brabl2 )
    + a530 - 100a ( image13 )
    + A540 - 100b ( image13 )
    + A550 - 100c ( muttley )
    by: Grand
    + Much of work with new camera code implementation in main trunc
    + Fixed GUI bug with 64s override
    by: EWAVR:
    + Added multipartition support for A560, A570.
    + A720: fixed bug in keyboard in playback mode ()
    + Added OPTICAL ZOOM IN VIDEO (except A650, A720, IXUS65)
    + A650: added DataGhost's multipartition boot engine
    + Now OSD output in review mode (after shoot) can be turned off fully
    or partially for a650 (corresponding value was found

    Great changes from fingalo:

    +Added user menu option for instant display on ALT
    User menu. In OSD parameters.
    To the user menu you can copy other menuitems to build your favorite
    menu. (Up to 10 entries)

    - User Menu Enable 'Off': User Menu not active.
    - User Menu Enable 'Edit': Go to to the User Menu and position on the
    line where you like to add entries.
    Now just go to the menuitem (anywhere) you like to copy. Press
    FUNC/ERASE/SHOOT_HALF. It is now copied to usermenu (and you can
    select another and press FUNC/ERASE/SHOOT_HALF. Pressing
    FUNC/ERASE/SHOOT_HALF (and 'Edit' mode) while in the User Menu will
    erase the menu item.
    - User Menu Enable 'On': Will replace the 'main menu' and use the
    'user menu' as your first menu in ALT. Last entry is jump to Main
    - User Menu Enable 'On Direct'.
    Will display the 'User Menu' as soon as you press ALT.
    Pressing MENU now will display normal menu and now the 'normal' menu
    sequence follow. new
    As cameras have different keyboards I used icz's proposal for the add
    SHOOT_HALF for the following cameras:
    ixus700_sd500, ixus800_sd700, a560, ixus850_sd800, ixus70_sd1000,
    FUNC / ERASE for the rest.

    +Added USB remote control for ixus700_sd500

    by: PhyrePhoX
    + Wontollas Disk Space Icon
    + horizontal/vertical Space Bar
    + Setting of Size of Space Bar (now real full screen without safety
    pixel substractions)
    + OSD Clock now with Seconds (togglable)
    + in record mode, when you half-press shoot button, now most icons
    (battery,filespace,raw status...) disappear
    + updated english & german.lang file
    + width/height of spacebar now togglable (between about 7 ("canvas" is
    about 6 pixels, so the actual minimum information bar can be set to
    ONE pixel, almost too small) pixels and 17 pixels, check it out)
    + New Warning thresholds introduced, you can choose between threshold
    in MB and Percent.
    Example: You can set it so that Space Icon will turn red when
    free_space under 100 MB. Or you can set it so that Space Icon will
    turn red when freespace under 10% - setting applies to all space
    related texts/icons.
    + New RAW Counter threshold, you can set it so that the RAW counter
    blinks when for example under 10. Previous setting was hardcoded to 1.
    Also changed: No "Warning" String anymore, just blinking between
    warning color and OSD color.
    + Raw Counter now enabled by default
    + new get statements available in ubasic: get_disk_size,
    get_free_disk_space - returns values in KB. you can build scripts now
    which stop when specific disk limit exceeded, for example.Divide by
    1024 to have an "easier" calculation.
    + get_jpg_count and get_raw_count ubasic commands

    + added new color: file space icon BACKGROUND (easier reading with a
    dark transparent background).
    + adjustable behaviour of clock in time of half press shutter button
    + added new clock submenu
    + switch between 12/24h format of clock with adjustable day-night

    by: mkmenuts
    custom AutoIso feature
    -additional submenu entry "Custom Auto Iso" in parent menu "Extra
    photo operation"
    Settings in this menu entries allow to tune up work of Auto ISO
    algorithm taking into account
    specific user requests (IS, ISO & shutter limits). Auto ISO feature
    works in every mode except M and TV when Auto or Hi ISO is turned on
    and no of flash in shoot
    Description by menu entries:
    -"Minimal Shutter speed". Possible to choose fixed values or "Auto"
    type of value (default and recommended).
    When "Auto" was choose Shutter speed is calculated via the formula
    1/fl, where fl is focus distance
    -"User Factor (1/FL/factor)"- applicable to the case when "Minimal
    Shutter speed" parameter is in "Auto" state.
    In this case for calculation of "Minimal Shutter speed" formula
    1/FL/factor is used (factor is user chosen value)
    -"IS Factor (Tv*factor)"- applicable to the case when "Minimal Shutter
    speed" parameter is in "Auto" state as above.
    When your camera is in IS mode than shutter speed will be calculated
    with using of formula Tv*factorIS=factorIS/FL/factor
    where factorIS is user selectable value via this menu entry. Default
    value is "2"
    -"Max ISO HI (x10)" - Maximal ISO value for given camera in ISO HI
    mode.There is a need to set maximum REAL Iso value for given camera
    (or more lesser value from user point of view). You can see real ISO
    value in miscellaneous values (it is necessary to toggle this
    item in "miscellaneous values" CHDK submenu). For example choose ISO
    800 via Canon menu. Next half press Shutter button. Now you can see
    "real" ISO value that corresponds to "market" ISO 800. This value will
    be limit ISO in calculation when camera in Hi ISO mode
    -"Max ISO AUTO (x10)" Corresponding value for Auto ISO mode
    -"Min ISO (x10)" - Minimal "Real" ISO value for given camera (you can
    give it by experiments or set this value at your option)

    stevetm2 + Added adjustable zoom scale (for converters)

    +Fixed: negative values of EFL for a650
    +added "raw" and "filespace" submenus in "OSD parameters" parent menu
    +small menu rearranging

    See the following links for more complete information on this
    internationally news-worthy addition to the world of photography:

    Articles on CHDK have since been published in popular tech and science
    magazines, hundreds if not thousands of photography sites online, as
    well as live radio-broadcast interviews with the creators of CHDK.

    If you haven't heard of CHDK yet, you will.
    trent_tagger, Mar 27, 2008
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  2. What about RAW? doesn't seem to work.

    Martin Riddle, Mar 29, 2008
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  3. It works on my A630...

    Gene S. Berkowitz, Mar 29, 2008
  4. trent_tagger

    Petri Lopia Guest

    Any ideas does it work on Canon PowerShot G5? (Yep it's not on that list
    of supported models but still have to ask... you never know...)
    Petri Lopia, May 18, 2008
  5. trent_tagger

    mike Guest

    which build offers optical zoom in video (if noisy)? Is it just this
    one below?

    mike, May 20, 2008
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