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Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Benjamin D., Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Benjamin D.

    Benjamin D. Guest

    So then we're still back to the CHDK equipped Canon P&S cameras being the most
    versatile and adaptable.



    Minimum interval: 1/10th second. Though in application only a 0.6 to 0.7 second
    minimum delay is practical between consecutive shots due to file saving time and
    camera overhead. It does however come in handy when you need a timed delay of,
    say, 5.2 seconds between each shot for a more exacting research need. Especially
    handy if you need a certain amount of motion to take place in a time-lapse movie
    made from those events when shown at standard video fps rates.

    Maximum interval: time unlimited

    Non-stop timed interval sequences: If you need to take 21 frames 1m, 2.5s apart
    from each other, every 2h, 3m, 7s, it can do that, and repeat it endlessly

    Timed hi-speed continuous burst-mode sequences: If you need to take 34 seconds
    of exposures at 2.3 frames per second every 11m, 10.6 seconds, it can do that.

    Timed movie-clips: If you need 9 seconds of video + stereo sound every 15.2
    seconds, it can do that. If, for unattended surveillance, you need 10-11 hours
    of 320x240, 15fps video + 11kHz stereo audio clips in 1-hour lengths (a firmware
    limit) to fit on a 4G SD card, it can do that. If you need nearly a whole day of
    unattended 1-hour video clips get an 8G SD card. Each 1/2 day fitting on 1 DVD
    for your records. A full year of continuous video+audio surveillance fitting on
    730 DVDs. A full lifetime of continuous video+audio could easily be stored in a
    very small room. (storage space can shrink with newer methods) But I digress...

    Movie clips + full-frame: If you need 1m, 32s of video every 6h, 32m, 8.2s plus
    a full-resolution image along with each video clip to better document the video,
    it can do that.

    Intervalometer Audio Recording: NO audio-only. :-( So sad. But you can set your
    camera to record video intervalometer events, use the CHDK option of
    hi-compression video turned on, using the smallest frame size at 15fps. Put
    audio sampling rate at 44.1kHz. Record a highly compressed video, to save on SD
    card storage space, then rip out the high-quality stereo audio tracks later. :)
    Back to happy.

    The number of photos and movies only limited by the storage space of your memory
    card or power-source. (use an external battery pack for really lengthy events)
    Did I mention that it will also check for focus and adjust for exposure on each
    timed sequence or individual shot? Something that the camera's built-in
    intervalometer can't do. If you don't like or need that you can just use the
    script in Av, Tv, or Manual modes. Or edit the script to use any required

    I guess CHDK still wins.

    The new motion detection version of CHDK is amazing. I can't wait to see what
    kinds of scripts they invent for that. Include a motion-detection subroutine
    with that OMNI intervalometer and the sky's the limit. Reports say it's going
    into full beta-phase in a few days. All the enabled functions in the Alpha
    version working just fine so far (on most camera models).

    One person is already thinking of using different colored LED lights for full
    remote control of all camera features, zooming, shooting delays, shutter,
    still-frame or video triggering. The new CHDK motion-detection commands allow
    you to test for changes in each of the R, and/or G, and/or B channels if you

    The ultimate gift for any bird lover: Bird Feeder + CHDK equipped Camera + Bird
    Script + Tripod.

    Set up camera next to bird-feeder with a motion detection script turned on.
    Bring it in for the evening and sort through all the bird photos their camera
    took for them while they were off somewhere else for the day. Maybe they only
    want to capture that Red Cardinal male that visits rarely, or that couple of
    Gold Finches they see each day and ignore the Starlings and Blackbirds.
    Fine-tune the motion detection script to trigger only when red and yellow birds
    are around. With a special mode just for Blue-Jays and Indigo Buntings! Have one
    script for Blue Birds, another for capturing Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, another
    for ignoring drab birds only. Another for drab birds only, ignoring anything
    with colors in them. Another that only triggers for that albino squirrel that
    shows up. You can set it to detect motion on any of the Y, and/or U, and/or V
    channels too. But then all of these options can be made as user selectable
    features from CHDK's script user-input menu to change script variables. No need
    to really write individual scripts. One script could have all these options. The
    "Birder's Script".

    Now why didn't Canon (or any manufacturer for that matter) think of providing
    all of this? It would have been so simple for them to do. In fact, they still
    could if they offered free firmware updates for any camera to include all these
    features. Their loss, literally, because many people aren't buying the new
    cameras this year, even the new DSLRs that they offer with their piddly
    overpriced improvements. They can't help but notice. Some people are even
    returning their new cameras and looking for the older ones that can run CHDK.

    They'll eventually learn from these simple oversights of theirs either way you
    look at it. A loud message is finally being sent back to all manufacturers, one
    that they can't help but hear. Their choice if they want to learn from it. I
    suspect they'll just roll-over and play stupid just like they always do. Their
    hired bean-counters will insist that they do. Those guys are never wrong.
    (hysterical bout of laughter ensues ...)

    The war of the photographer vs. camera manufacturer has begun. CHDK is just the
    first shots being fired over their bow. But I suspect it's more of a direct hit
    and a good one. If you have need of some camera feature of any kind write a CHDK
    script for it, it'll take away sales from all manufacturers (with Canon only
    slightly benefiting). They listen to that. It's the only thing that they ever
    listen to.
    Benjamin D., Sep 18, 2007
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  2. Benjamin D.

    John Ortt Guest

    Its nice to hear somebody with enthusiasm on this group, but then after
    reading the capabilities of the CHDK I can see why you are impressed.

    I have downloaded it but I haven't had cause (or time) to use it in anger
    yet, only the RAW capabilities. You may have just given me the kick up the
    butt I needed.

    Regards, John
    John Ortt, Sep 18, 2007
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