Cheap and nasty canvas prints from Wollies

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by Tropical Treat, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. I'm always watching the opposition to see developments in the big picture
    and canvas print business so it was with some concern I saw Big W offering
    600mm wide Canvas photo enlargements - on stretcher frames and delivered to
    your home for $138.

    I pay more than that for Giclée quality materials. Then I discovered they
    are straight from China. You upload a file to a distribution server in Oz
    and the Chinese printer downloads it and does the deed, sending it back to
    Australia a week later. Seems too good to be true, eh?

    To find out I uploaded an image to their server and about 8 days later got a
    cardboard box delivered with the print in it.

    What's it like?
    The image is cropped to 4/3rd format so an essential part of the picture is
    missing. It makes me think the service is aimed at P&S camera owners.

    The interpolation routine used is pretty antique stuff and lacks any edge
    definition. The picture itself is the right colour but no attenuation which
    makes for washy colours. It's the sort of thing I'd expect to see on sale in
    Crazy Clarks or Target. Hardly exhibition quality. But then, not everyone
    needs the best possible prints, I suppose.

    The canvas is not "stretched" onto the frame, it is attached like a
    flyscreen with a rubber spine pushed into a groove with the canvas under it.
    The canvas is more like linen. It is thin - It has to be to fold under the
    spline, and it flops around like a sheet of linen would if you did the same
    with it.

    All in all, it might suit people not looking to exhibit their work. I have
    some reservation about how they handle the enlargement process. The
    specifications of minimum file size of 1.2 megabyte to get a 600x800mm
    enlargement are at the bottom of barely acceptable in my opinion but may be
    a way to get a canvas print without paying someone like me or the Art house
    nearly twice the price for exhibition quality prints. Has anybody else had
    canvas print from BigW?

    Links below.
    Tropical Treat, Mar 5, 2006
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  2. Tropical Treat

    Mike N Guest

    I see Harvey Norman are offering a similar service with a variety of sizes
    ..... anybody have any experience with these ?
    Mike N, Mar 5, 2006
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  3. Yeah. Harvey Norman Mt Gravatt in Queensland. They use Epson printers and
    God only know what canvas but the emulsion comes off. They don't seem to
    coat the prints. Rabbit are the same. No coating.

    You can't fault Epson prints but the software used to enlarge the image is
    certainly a big issue in what you get as is the coating. All canvas prints
    need to be coated with an emulsion after they are printed or the surface
    will absorb moisture and bugger up the canvas.

    HN gave a refund, no questions asked. I can only wonder if Big W would too.
    The thing about HN is the face to face part. You could enlarge the picture
    yourself and just deliver a CD to them. Not like BigW where you have to
    upload a small file and hope for the best.
    Tropical Treat, Mar 6, 2006
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