cheapest way to solve Pinnacle Studio 8 output problem?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Alex Glaros, Jan 3, 2004.

  1. Alex Glaros

    Alex Glaros Guest

    I loaded S8 on my kids' computer (Windows Prof. 2000, 650 MHz 128K

    Capture and editing work great. However output to tape and AVI files
    come out with very poor images and audio way out of sync no matter how
    low I set resolution. Output to MPEGII came out with perfect video
    resolution and audio sync.

    Question: what's the cheapest way to make the output to hi-8 tape (and
    later DVD) work?

    S8 won't let users run the MPEGII file from the S8 movie player,
    otherwise I could get the outputs for MPEGII player connected to my hi-8
    camera. S8 instead told me to run the MPEGII video from Windows Media
    Player. But I couldn't see a way to get outputs from the Windows Media
    player to my hi-8 camera.

    Sub-question: What format do movies reside in on DVD disks? If I burn
    the perfect MPEGII file to DVD, will consumer DVD players be able to
    play it?

    My alternatives include:

    1. Buy a DVD burner and burn the MPEGII file to it (will MPEGII play on
    consumer DVD players?)

    2. Buy more memory and bigger motherboard so that the PC will be fast
    enough to use the "output to tape" or "output to AVI file" options.
    (I'm concerned that I might spend the money for more memory and faster
    motherboard on my kids' computer but not fix the problem, whereas the
    MPEGII file is a proven success.)

    3. Any settings or tricks to have the output run smoothly to tape?


    Alex Glaros
    Alex Glaros, Jan 3, 2004
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