Chemical prints from photo finishing service

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by The Kingfish, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. The Kingfish

    The Kingfish Guest

    Suprisingly good prints from digital files can be achieved at
    quite reasonable cost from those photofinishers that still use
    conventional chemical processes; ie., Fuji.

    The trick is to massage the image file first. Here are some
    helpful hints:
    1. Use lossless *.TIF or *jpg set to 11 or 12.
    2. Sample for 300 pixels per lineal inch of the print media
    3. Create a canvas to the size of the standard print (3.5x5,
    4x6, 5x7, 8x10)
    4. Size the image to fit size of print. For example, if you have
    a 4:3 format image and you want to print it 4x6 inch you want
    to size the "3" side to 4" and Photoshop will do the rest for
    you and make the "4" side 5.33" to preserve the aspect ratio. If
    you fail to do that, the photo finishing machine will stretch
    your 4:3 to 2:3. This distortion is unflattering to say the
    least. You may fill the white space on the unused part of the
    print with gray and trim after printing. Only one cut is needed
    if you position the image to one edge.
    5. Want something fancy? Create white borders with no loss to
    image area by making the image smaller by the width of the
    combined borders and place the image in the center of the print.
    Trim twice after printing. Use the text feature to print date,
    etc in the border just as done in yesteryear.
    6. Make and save a template to efficiently prepare for printing,
    saving the need to repeat all the operations for every print.
    Irfanview is especially good to batch resize images to a given
    The Kingfish, Dec 18, 2011
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  2. The Kingfish

    nailer Guest

    why is that and what is an alternative?
    why? Are you trying to say, you can see the difference between tif,
    high quality jpeg and medium quality jpeg printed on 10*15 cm (4 by
    6)? what file format is of your original pics? Not jpeg, tif? If it is
    any RAW, then you should have known better, what to do next?
    sample or resample, and why?
    have you ever worked with Fuji kiosks, for example in Harvey Norman,
    Domaine, DSE?
    as above; before you disseminate advice, make yourself familiar with
    functions of the equipment commonly used by photo-finishers.
    nailer, Dec 18, 2011
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