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Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by marks542004, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. marks542004

    marks542004 Guest


    I am looking at a commercial video editing software package. To date I
    have been using a combination of utilities mainly Video_mach.
    I am now using Microsoft MovieMaker on a new windows XP system.

    My requirements are fairly basic since most of my work is doing rough
    cuts for a couple of businesses.

    I get the video as mpeg on cd and produce whatever the specific project
    calls for, keeping detailed sheets of clips, effects, transitions etc.
    When the customer is happy with it it gets redone on a high end
    production system.

    Lately they have requested green screen work.

    My choices seem to be (because of price)
    Pinnacle Studio 9
    Vegas Movie Studio 4 +DVD
    Adobe Premier Elements

    If I later need to move to the higher end products is any of these
    better than the others in terms of learning.

    I have seen in these forums that Pinnacle seems to be regarded as

    I have downloaded Vegas and was impressed with it but it seems to lack
    the ability to precisely specify the length of a clip or transition.
    (no parameter boxes to type in specific values) dragging the controls
    always seemed to be a little off.

    Any comments appreciated.

    p.s I can afford up to about $1000 but would prefer to keep the expense
    down since I do not need the advanced features at this time.

    If moving from Vegas Movie 4 to vegas 5 is a matter of relearning how
    things are done I will go with the more advanced product.

    marks542004, Dec 26, 2004
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  2. marks542004

    kimo Guest

    Lately they have requested green screen work.

    FCP HD is great for that.
    theatrical release films are being edited on macs and FCpro...
    kimo, Dec 27, 2004
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  3. marks542004

    nap Guest

    Pinnacle IS trash.

    Get Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects. Do not waste time learning other
    crap as you will be able to do anything you need with these two apps.

    Also, do not even think of bothering with a mac and FCP. It is expensive,
    bug ridden trash.
    nap, Dec 28, 2004
  4. I'm not sure what the problem is with the latest Studio 9. Are people
    saying it's buggy?

    I have used Studio 7 for several years. I don't need the DVD authoring
    stuff in the newest versions so I never switched. (I use TMGEnc and
    TMGEnc Author for DVD video making.)

    Anyway, Studio 7 has without question the most intuitive and best
    interface of any entry-level video editing software. You can specify
    clip lengths etc. And everything is perfectly layed out.

    If you can find a cheap old copy of Studio 7, get it. Output your movie
    to AVI. Then use TMGEnc to convert to MPEG-2.

    P.S. I also use Premiere Pro, but only when I want to doing zooming and
    ThumperStrauss, Jan 12, 2005
  5. marks542004

    M.L. Guest

    Vegas Video 5 allows you to precisely specify your clip lengths and

    Under Options->Preferences->Editing you can set the default for images
    length and transitions.

    You can also set the length and transition time of any element on your
    timeline by selecting the Edit Details tab, which displays an
    Excel-like spreadsheet/database showing the start position, ending
    position, and length (among many other things) for each element on
    each track of your project. In fact, you can create an Excel
    spreadsheet with your desired data and paste the individual columns
    into the Vegas spreadsheet columns.

    For example, if your project has a fixed length for transitions, Excel
    can be used to calculate the transition overlaps and starting
    positions of each element on the timeline. Once you set your
    spreadsheet data correctly, all the timeline elements will jump to
    their corresponding positions. You don't have to touch any sliders or
    controls to get precise placement of elements.

    Vegas is sorely lacking a storyboard interface needed to make
    slideshows easier to configure.
    M.L., Feb 1, 2005
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