CINEFORM’S ASPECT HD 2.5 includes support for SONY’S HDR-FX1 HDV Cam

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    Aggressive New $499 Price Encourages Volume Growth in HDV Camcorder

    CARLSBAD, CA, November 29, 2004 – CineForm, Inc. today is announcing
    that version 2.5 of its award-winning Aspect HD™ for Adobe® Premiere®
    Pro software will be shipping imminently at a new price of $499.
    Aspect HD v2.5 adds support for Sony's new HDR-FX1 HDV™ camcorder,
    and will support Sony's HVR-Z1U Professional HDV camcorder which is
    anticipated to ship in 1Q05. Aspect HD is widely praised by users
    and industry experts for its software-based technologies that deliver
    unmatched visual quality and real-time HD editing performance on
    affordable Windows desktop PCs running Adobe Premiere Pro.

    Additionally, portions of CineForm Intermediate™ technologies have
    been licensed to Adobe to enable future support of HDV editing for
    all users of Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 through an Adobe plug-in that
    will be available early next year. Aspect HD v2.5 is further
    enhanced by additional CineForm Intermediate software technologies to
    offer more features plus real-time performance for Adobe Premiere Pro
    users. Aspect HD, as well as the components licensed by Adobe, both
    rely on CineForm's Visually Perfect™ CFHD codec technology which
    ensures CineForm's online workflow for all users plus file
    compatibility for other AVI applications.

    About Aspect HD

    Aspect HD includes the full suite of CineForm Intermediate
    technologies, which specifically include CineForm's Visually Perfect
    CFHD codec and CineForm's real-time HD video effects and processing
    pipeline. These technologies are specially optimized to offer Adobe
    Premiere Pro users unmatched video quality and real-time performance
    for HDV post production. Its unprecedented real-time performance is
    achieved on affordable Windows desktop PCs without specialized
    hardware, which often causes frustrating compatibility problems for
    users. On a 3.2GHz P4 CPU, Aspect HD delivers real-time editing -
    with no dropped frames - on up to three 1080i HDV streams
    simultaneously, including over 40 HD-optimized real-time transitions
    and effects, plus color corrections, real-time graphic and title
    overlays. A threaded version of CineForm's Visually Perfect encoder
    is also included for increased performance in multi-CPU
    configurations. CineForm will offer on-going releases of new real-
    time features in future versions of Aspect HD.

    "We're excited to work with CineForm to offer our customers a
    comprehensive, yet affordable solution for HDV editing with Adobe
    Premiere Pro," said Richard Townhill, Group Product Manager for
    Premiere Pro. "Our customers gain substantial workflow efficiencies
    and broad application compatibilities, which reduces the amount of
    time and dollars spent in post production compared to other HDV

    "Our goals with Aspect HD are simple, even if our software
    technologies are sophisticated", said David Taylor, CEO of
    CineForm, "We enable a real-time HDV editing workflow on affordable
    desktop PCs unmatched by others, while supporting industry-leading
    editing applications like Adobe Premiere Pro. Our underlying
    technologies offer an efficient workflow for users because we
    eliminate both rendering and offline proxy processing. We achieve
    this at a performance-price ratio substantially greater than
    competitive offerings. We encourage potential customers to try our
    trial version of Aspect HD – we suspect they will never want to
    return to the drudgery of rendering or the expense of specialized

    Pricing and Availability

    Aspect HD v2.5 will begin shipping in early December at new pricing
    of $499 not including Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5. A bundle with Aspect
    HD v2.5 that also includes Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5, Adobe Audition,
    and Adobe Encore will be priced at $799. Both products will be
    available for purchase from CineForm's expanding network of
    resellers, and from CineForm's website: CineForm
    currently has a fully-functional 15-day trial version of Aspect HD
    v2.5 available on its website for all users to experiment without
    obligation. 800 323-2325
    We are the Digital Video Editing & DVD Production Experts!
    For all the latest NLE,DVD & HDV news check out the Videoguys Blog
    Gary Bettan, Dec 1, 2004
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