Codecs question.

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Zalek Bloom, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. Zalek Bloom

    Zalek Bloom Guest

    I have a video file called a.mpg I recorded on my camera. This file is
    played correctly using Windows Media Player 10.0 on WinXP.
    I tried to play this file in a Powerpoint program I created - but it
    didn't play.
    Searching the Web I found that Powerpoint uses mplay32.exe program to
    play wideo and I need a codec for this program.

    Using GSpot software it shows info about a.mpg file :
    codec: MPEG2_Video, status : Codec(s) are Installed

    But mplay32.exe refuses to play this file. Do I need a special
    MPEG2_Video codec?
    Other thing I don't understand:
    Everest utility program shows under DirectX Video:

    Supported FourCC codes:


    What does it means? Those four letters are codecs?


    Zalek Bloom, Oct 8, 2006
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  2. Zalek Bloom

    TAJ Simmons Guest

    TAJ Simmons, Oct 8, 2006
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