Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by david.donegan, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. Would I get better results when using Vegas 4 to render as avi and then
    convert to mpeg2 using something like procoder or just keep it simple and
    use main concept plug-in for Vegas mpegs? Thanks for any answers.
    david.donegan, Jul 13, 2003
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  2. david.donegan

    Tony Morgan Guest

    AVI is not a video format, but a container. An AVI file can contain just
    about anything (e.g. MPEG-1, MPEG-2 or indeed DV).

    Once you grasp this, I'm sure that you'll appreciate that you question
    is meaningless.
    Tony Morgan, Jul 14, 2003
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  3. david.donegan

    sherlock Guest

    Thanks for your usual snide reply. Let me explain, fellow amatuer. If I
    output edited project as avi and then use procoder would it be better than
    currently used main concept plug-in within Vegas to produce a quality mpeg?
    Yes/no/don't know is what I'm looking for. If the latter, obviously I will
    test both.

    I'm not impressed with the technical fact that avi is a container, just get
    to the real world scenario, as the both methods are different.

    If you can't answer in an unsmartassish way don't bother. I have reason to
    believe I am not the first person to notice you are a bit of a dick. Some
    of your answers are helpful most have a hint of "know all done nothing",
    even to the stage of discouraging an enthusiastic individual of not
    attempting to earn money through his hobby.

    Anyway, wasted enough time on you, don't start your usual string as I won't
    reply to 'Mr. Insignificantation"
    Love U
    sherlock, Jul 14, 2003
  4. david.donegan

    Tony Morgan Guest


    Do you ever read what you write? Or are *you* an amateur at the written

    Here, let me help you since you have so much difficulty in

    "Would I get better results when using Vegas 4 to render as avi"

    What AVI? MPEG-1? MPEG-2? DV?

    The only dick around here is your brain - you've got it well and truly
    wedged right up your arse...

    I repeat... "AVI is not a video format, but a container".

    Hardly being smartassish. It's yourself demonstrating by your response
    that you're truly clueless (and your ego has difficulty in realising

    Had you stated what format you've put in the AVI file then I (or indeed
    others) could have given you a constructive response - but I guess you
    haven't a clue about that.

    And I note you *still* fail to say what type of video format that your
    AVI contains - so obviously you *still* remain clueless. Sad....

    The really funny thing is your Nick... Sherlock.... Priceless :))))
    Tony Morgan, Jul 14, 2003
  5. david.donegan

    Ron Guest

    You are a real piece of "work", Morgan. I'm not kidding when I say that you
    need to seek counseling. That piece of lumber on your shoulder just keeps
    getting bigger and bigger. Don't bother replying with your trite "gene-pool"
    whacks or other common usenet criticisms. They're just not clever anymore. I
    really implore you to relax and release some of that self-importance that's
    brewing inside you( a.k.a. "growing up").
    Ron, Jul 14, 2003
  6. david.donegan

    Tony Morgan Guest

    Clearly with this sort of post you're once again demonstrating that you
    have *nothing* to contribute to this (or any other) newsgroup AFAICS.

    Nothing to do with self-importance BTW. I just think it's a shame that
    useful and interesting newsgroups such as this are increasingly being
    populated by folks who show that they anxious to demonstrate that they
    have nothing of any usefulness to say.- just getting some sort of
    satisfaction from making posts like this.

    If you really do think that I'm full of self-importance - you might like
    to consider what sort of light your post here puts *you* in.
    Tony Morgan, Jul 14, 2003
  7. I think there's a couple of lines of answer to the original question
    (which Tony well understood) in the following rant :)
    Laurence Payne, Jul 15, 2003
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