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Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by neil leslie, Aug 19, 2005.

  1. neil leslie

    neil leslie Guest

    I'm an illustrator and have always used the 'Color management Off'
    setting in Color Settings, mainly because colour management seemed a
    black art and the commercially printed illustrations always were
    acceptably close to the display on my monitor so it wasn't a real
    problem. But I'm now getting paranoid about colour accuracy. I've
    calibrated my monitor using the 'Displays' control panel that comes with
    OSX. I've set Color Settings to Europe Prepress Defaults (I'm in the UK)
    and have Adobe RGB (1998) as my Working Space. All of which seems to be
    in line with the online advice I've been reading. However, now my images
    are displayed with super saturated colours. Why is this and how do I fix
    it? Any help would be appreciated.

    I'm on OS10.2.8 and running Photoshop7.
    neil leslie, Aug 19, 2005
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  2. Most of your images won't have a color profile, because you worked with
    'no color management' in the past. That means that those images should
    be opened in the 'working color space' that you used then, which should
    be sRGB or close to that. Apparently you open the images directly in
    your present working space (AdobeRGB). That's why they become over-
    saturated; it's the wrong color space for those images.

    Set the color preferences in Photoshop so that you get a warning if an
    image without a color profile is opened. If you get that warning, select
    the following option: 'Assign sRGB'. You can also convert to AdobeRGB,
    but there is no real reason to do that.
    Johan W. Elzenga, Aug 19, 2005
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