Colour management and monitors.

Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by Mitchell Rodda, Oct 25, 2006.

  1. Time to shoot a few birds with one stone....

    1. I'm wanting to calibrate the colour my monitor displays - thinking of
    using either Huey Pantone or Spyder2Express. Has anyone any experience
    with these? Is one noticeably better than 't other? Both are avail for
    around £65-70.

    I'm just a keen enthusiast so not really looking to shell out much more than
    this (so maybe not that keen ;-). Next step up would be £130 for Spyder
    suite or Eye One. I'd need persuading that these are worth the additional

    2. My monitor is a trusty old 19'' CTX PR960 (flat trinitron beast)- which
    has done 9 years solid service, but recently has started switching off for a
    few seconds then coming back on. Does it once a week or so at the moment. I
    fear it'll become terminal before much longer. Whats the general perception
    of LCD vs CRT monitors for image processing work in terms of quality for
    your £? . I know theres been lots of advances with LCD stuff over the past
    12 months, but I'm guessing you still get a better quality CRT (in terms of
    resolution and colour fidelity) cheaper than equivalent LCD? Thoughts?
    Mitchell Rodda, Oct 25, 2006
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  2. Mitchell Rodda

    Keith Guest

    I use the Gretagmacbeth eye-one, works a treat, bought it from Robert
    White at a reasonable price here in the

    One point - my 21" Apple monitor wouldn't calibrate properly - eye-one
    tech support were very good - but it would appear my monitor was too old
    and wouldn't put out enough brightenss... Works ok on a newer 30" LCD
    Keith, Oct 25, 2006
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  3. Thanks Keith.

    Interesting point re your old monitor. Is it CRT or LCD? Did it seem to
    have a lack of brightness when you were using it??
    Mitchell Rodda, Oct 26, 2006
  4. Mitchell Rodda

    Keith Guest

    It's a CRT and it still doesn't appear too dark, but the eye-one can't
    calibrate it properly.
    Keith, Oct 28, 2006
  5. Mitchell Rodda

    if Guest

    A CRT loses half it's brightness after 10-15,000 hours use, which is around
    3-5 years or so depending on usage. Over the years I gradually had to crank
    up the brightness on my old iiyama, originally 50% was fine but after about
    6 years it was up to around 75% to get the same shadow detail. Curiously my
    new iiyama CRT had to be set to 75% out of the box to get a properly
    adjusted image for photos, I don't think they make them to the same
    standard as they used to - price has halved but so I suspect has build

    LCDs are inherently much brighter but this also means the black point can't
    be set low enough due to backlight bleeding through the black pixels.
    (Individual LED backlights for pixels in some recent monitors might fix
    if, Oct 31, 2006
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