colour settings and prefs in PS7?

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by IanStJohn, Jul 27, 2004.

  1. IanStJohn

    IanStJohn Guest


    Can anyone tell me where PS7 stores colour management settings and the prefs
    file? (WinXP)

    I'm migrating PS to a new putr and don't want to have to set all that colour
    management stuff again ... I had to muddle through it the first time without
    fully understanding what I was doing. Any advice wiould be appreciated.


    IanStJohn, Jul 27, 2004
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  2. IanStJohn

    neon Guest

    prefs. are in c:|documents and settings|*|application
    data|adobe|photoshop|7.0|photoshop 7.0 settings
    color management is in c:|program files|common files|adobe|color|settings
    You can also search for .psp and .csf files and find them just like I did.
    neon, Jul 28, 2004
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